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January 29, 2024

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of the Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

Isn’t it wonderful that our Catholic Schools are so readily available in our country and around the world?  There are over 5920 Catholic Schools in the USA with a staff-to-student ratio of 11 to 1. Catholic schools are located in the inner cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas, and several are virtual.

Catholic schools aim to bring our faith practices, beliefs, and traditions to the hearts and souls of our students, forming them into future leaders of our families, our church, and our society. Catholic schools teach students to serve their neighbors near and far. Academically, Catholic school students graduate from high school and are likely to go on to college at higher rates.

Parents and supporters of Catholic schools have a passion for the schools and believe that a Catholic school is the best choice for students to learn with mind, body, and soul. They are dedicated to the school and pay tuition to enroll their child or to support another child who attends.  In the political realm, Catholic schools are a true gift to the nation saving the country $24.3 billion each year because the cost per student in the public schools of the USA is an average of $14,330 per child/year.

Catholic school teachers and staff members work with dedication and commitment. They do the job for the benefit of the child. They work extra hours, putting time in because it is good for the children and for the school. They donate to the school themselves and purchase many of their own teaching supplies. They do not get paid extra to participate in after-hours programs and events or to go to training workshops in the evening or in the summer. The Catholic school staff members are an extraordinary blessing and are the heart of the school.

We have great reason to celebrate. We are excited to have you join in to be with us this week as we recognize all of the wonderful things about our beautiful Catholic school.


Kim Doyle, Principal

Psalm 86:11
Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart so that I may honor you.

Annual School Parent Meeting- TONIGHT

Please join our School Advisory Council on Monday, January 29, at 6:30 PM in the gym.

All parents in preschool to grade 8 are encouraged to attend.
State of the School report, review, and discussion.

Sweepstakes tickets. – Due this week!

K-8 families sell or buy 30 – $10 tickets.
Preschool families sell or buy 15 – $10 tickets.

The drawing will take place on January 31 at our Guest Bingo day.

Uncollected funds will be added to your TADS account in February.

Catholic Schools Week Activities 
* Monday, January 29  – Grades 6-8 Mass of the Holy Spirit 
Bowling grades 2 and 4
* Tuesday, January 30 – Grades 5-8 ski trip
Bowling grades 1, 3, and Kinder
* Wednesday, January 31 –  Mass with Special guests  followed by bingo. (Special guests can be any person who is out of high school that is special to your child. Children can invite more than one guest if they desire) Guests – meet kids in church.
*Thursday, February 1 – Volleyball game 8th grade against teachers
*Friday, February 2 –  Family breakfast 7:00-7:45 AM and then Roller Skating K-8

These two items will help our Starry Night

1.  Donate $5-$10 per child. Your child’s teacher will then take the money and purchase an item or multiple items for our silent auction.

2. Cocktail Basket Items
Drive by and drop off in the parking lot on Wednesday, January 31st.

Click here for our beverage signup to tell us what you can bring

And if you can?

3. Bottles of wine
We need lots and lots of wine for our wine pull. Consider buying a case of wine as your donation.

Starry Night Donation and Reservation website

We are looking for sponsors, table purchasers, item donors, cash donors, and lots and lots of guests!

Plan to attend with friends, neighbors, relatives, or alone.

Parent Peace of Mind Session:

February 13, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Topic: How to Talk So Your Children Will Listen. Learn strategies about the “how and when” of communicating with your kids, as well as the changes that occur beginning as early as 4th grade.

Register: Click here

Preschool Registration is now taking place for Fall 2024.
Fill out the registration forms and submit them to the office

Early Learning Scholarship for preK classes –  Fall 2024 Class

The Schulze Family Foundation once again is accepting applications for scholarships for our incoming PreK students.

The criteria are very simple:

  • Your child will be attending an eligible Catholic preschool;
  • Your child will be in their last year of preschool in 2024-2025; and
  • Your family is middle-income

Here is the scholarship application!

If your child is entering the PreK program, we highly encourage you to apply. Most scholarships range from $500-$3000.

Kindergarten Registration for Fall 2024 Class

Kindergarten registration is now open for classes starting in fall 2024.

We will have a fun night for all registered kindergarten potentials and parents on Tuesday, February  13.  Mark your calendar for one of our favorite evenings for all parents, kids, and teachers. 6:00 PM.

Aim Higher Foundation
Did you know the Aim Higher Foundation provides $1,000 scholarships to students at St. Wenceslaus Catholic School?

This is a needs-based scholarship for K-8 families.

To be eligible, you need to complete the TADS Financial Aid application before February 23!

See the attached flyer for more information.


Fish Fry – February 16

Every family was given ten tickets to sell or purchase. There will be lunch and dinner options. Students can use a ticket to have the fish instead of the school lunch on this day. The evening dinner is a joyful celebration of our school and community. SWS normally serves around 1400 guests for lunch and dinner on our Fish Fry day.

This a required event. Volunteer opportunities to fulfill your two event requirements will be ample.

Here is the link to sign up to volunteer.

Soup Supper
The 30th Annual Soup Supper will be here at St. Wenceslaus on Monday evening from 4-6:30 pm, February 19.

This fundraiser will go to support Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. The meal again will consist of three different soups: chicken noodle, vegetable beef, and chili. The meal will be served in the church dining room, and takeouts will also be available from the church dining room.

We hope you consider supporting this important outreach ministry by attending. FCSLA Life is again offering a $600 matching grant in support of our efforts.

Questions or comments please call Norb Sticha 952.758.3888. 

Synod Prayer groups for Lent
Join a Small Group.

This is a great way to enrich your faith. Small groups begin soon during Lent.

See attached Flyer

Volunteer Requirements for Parents = 2 events

* The Fish Fry  – Volunteer link above.
* The Starry Night Gala  – Volunteer link coming soon.

Calendar of Events

Mon., Jan. 29 – Annual Parent Meeting – 6:30 PM
Sweepstakes ticket stubs and cash due to the office.
Gr. 6-8 goes to Mass of the Holy Spirit in St. Paul
Tues., Jan. 30 – Gr. 5-8 Ski Trip
Wed., Jan. 31 – 8:00 AM Mass (Gr. 7) with Special Guests followed by Bingo in the gym with Guests until approximately 10:15.
Sweepstakes Drawing at this event.
Wed. Jan. 31 – Cocktail drop off at 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM
Thurs., Feb 1 – Starry Night meeitng 7:00 PM
Fri., Feb. 2 – All School Rollerskating Trip
Wed., Feb. 7 – 8:00 AM – School Mass (Gr. 4)
Tues., Feb 13 – 6:00 PM Kindergarten Preview Night
Wed., Feb. 14 – 8:00 AM – Ash Wednesday School Mass – (Gr. 3)
Fri., Feb. 16 – Fish Fry
Mon., Feb. 19 – No School/Presidents Day
Wed., Feb. 21 – 8:00 AM Mass (Gr. 2)
Thurs., Feb. 22 – Willy Wonka Jr. 6:00 PM
Fri., Feb. 23 – Willy Wonka Jr. 5:30 and 7:30 PM
Wed., Feb 28 – 8:00 AM School Mass (Gr. 1)
Thurs., Feb. 29 – Conferences/No School
Fri., March 1- Conferences/No School
Reservations due for the Starry Night
Donations due for the Starry Night
Sat., March 16 – Starry Night Gala 5:00 PM

Click here for the
2023-2024 School Calendar

Our Mission Statement

St. Wenceslaus Catholic School is a Christ-centered family community committed to the intellectual and spiritual formation of our students. We provide a high-quality academic program that builds leadership and self-confidence while nurturing a loving relationship with God & encouraging service to others.

Our staff members have been enjoying complimentary lunches when they choose to eat. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fund that made this possible.

Staff Lunch Ticket Link

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