It is time once again for Volleyball at SWS! We invite your daughter in grades 4-8 to become part of the SWS Saints girls team! Registration form
The season is September and October and practice starts the week before school starts on August 21.
We are so very lucky to have Coach Kevin Craig with us again to coach and direct our girls. He is an amazing coach and a wonderful man to model for our girls.  He has given our girls the skills they need to both enjoy the sport but to also learn to compete at the high school level later on. Coach Angie at the high school raves about our coach. We have a true gem with us!
Please sign up before August 17. We have a special order going in for a personalized water bottle for each girl who joins the team and we need to know who so we can send the names to the printer.
Please contact me with questions or Jolene Busch who is our Athletic Director. Jolene will be asking you to help with home games and the concession stand. Every parent should plan to work.  Also, our coach could use an assistant or two so if you are interested – then let us know.