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Weekly Office News – April 18, 2022

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

Easter brings us the signs of spring. At SWS we are anxious to get out to explore our beautiful campus yards this spring. As a STEM school, we intentionally plan for learning to take place within God’s creations. Many of our activities include making connections from the academics we learn within the classroom to how those things apply to the world around us. 

Outdoor learning helps us take a deeper look at our environment made by God such as grass, trees, and small bugs to the objects made by man like the shape of each block in the church, the measurements needing math skills, how our community is formed both past and present, and so much more.

We are very lucky at SWS to have the beautiful gardens to cherish. Our classes are often seen in the Mary Garden ( the beautiful space between the church and school with the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary) doing prayer, meditation, journaling, or simply relaxing. It is also a great place for a lesson in English or literature.

STEM opens all aspects up to students, especially when we can learn outside.

Kim Doyle, Principal

“Be Still and Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10


Pot-O-Gold  – Cash prize of $20,000.00

We have only 650 tickets ($100 each).
Great odds of winning!

Do you know anyone who might like this chance?
If each family would sell two/three tickets, then we would have them sold.

Let’s rally around the school one more time!

You can get tickets from Sherry in the school office.


Beautiful Greeting Cards made by the 3rd grade

We have about a dozen packets of these VanGough inspired greeting cards. They are leftover from the Starry Night.

Each packet contains 15 cards with a variety of designs made by our 3rd graders.  We are selling them for $20 per packet.  

Click here to see a sample of the packet.
Call or email the school office if you want to purchase any.

Thank You Video – from our staff to you!

We appreciate each and every one of you!
It has been a great 2021-2022 school year.


Tues., May 3 – Grades K-8 Special Guest Day Activities – slight changes from last published!

8:00-8:45 – Treats/Coffee/Games with kids in the gym
9:00 – Living Rosary in Church
10:00 – K-8 Spring Concert in Gym (Especially for    grandparents and friends)

Guests will leave after the concert at about 11:15.
Kids will stay in school for lunch and afternoon classes.

6:30 PM- Evening K-8 Spring Concert in the Gym


Preschool Special Guest Day – May 6

9:00-10:00 AM- Come with the children or meet them at school. Students will check into their classrooms and then head to the gym where activity tables will be taking place.

Square Art – Your kids projects!

You should have received a flyer about “Square Art” before spring break. This is a chance to see you own child’s art projects and to have the art put on a cup or t-shirt, or pillow or other things. Your orders are due on April 26.

New Shades and Clevertouch Boards are coming

Shades will be installed in May to over 100 school windows. Many of the school shades are 50-60 years old or older. This is a much needed update.

We are so excited to have this new make-over in our school. A very special thanks to all of the people who donated to the Fund-a-Need drive at our Starry Night.

We are also in the process of ordering the Clevertouch boards for the classrooms. They will be arriving this spring with teachers getting trained on using them over the summer. We will be ready to go next fall with our newest technology thanks to the Fund-a-Need donors.

SWS Golf Tournment is coming soon!

Mark your calendar for Friday, June 10. This is our golf outting (tournament) and it is open to golfers of ALL ABILITIES! 

This day is meant for fun on the golf course with lots of friends, colleagues, and other supporters of SWS. You will see staff members, the principal, the pastor, and other familiar faces. 

You can come alone or you can come with a team of 4. The SWS organizers will make sure everyone has a place.

Dinner will be served after the event.
Rain or shine! We have fun no matter what the case.

Summer Programs

Club House will be open all summer for kids currently in k-5. See the calendar (sent in previous mail) for summer activities which include pool days, field trips, special speakers, and more.

Preschool Summer program is open to kids who are currently enrolled in our preschool. This program will have water sprinkler days, attend the special speakers with the older kids, and do many fun activities in a safe environment for the little kids.

Parent Night at Giesenbrau Brewery

Mark your calendars
Thursday, May 12
6:00-8:00 PM

All parents in preschool through grade 8 are invited to join in for a short social time at the local brewery sponsored by our School Advisory Council.

This is a chance to meet others, have a free beverage, and maybe win a prize.

Get a babysitter in place now, then simply show up! Come alone or with a spouse. No need to worry about knowing anyone because this event is meant for people to meet each other!

Calendar of Events:

Tues., April 19 – School resumes
Wed., April 20 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 5 Jury plans)
Wed., April 20 – School Advisory Council 6:30 PM
Thurs., April 21 – Confirmation 7:00 PM
Fri., April 22 – Grade 2 breakfast with 6th graders.
Sat., April 23 – First Eucharist retreat
Mon., April 25 – Staff Appreciation Week begins
Wed., April 27 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 8 plans)

Tues., May 3 – K-8 Special Guest Day Activities
          8:00 – Treats with the kids in gym
          9:00 – Living Rosary in Church
          10:00 – Spring Concert in Gym
Tues., May 3 – 6:30 PM- Evening K-8 Spring Concert in Gym
Wed., May 4 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 7 plans)
Thurs., – Fri, May 5/6 – 8th Gr. Retreat
Fri., May 6 – Preschool Special Guest day 9:00-10:00.
Sat., May 7 – 6:00 – CSCOE Bash Gala
Wed., May 11 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 2 plans) – Special First Communion celebration with class
Thurs., May 12 – Gr. 4 Wax Museum and Gr, 5 Patriotic Play
Thurs., May 12 – Parent Night at Giesenbrau Brewery 6:00-8:00 PM
Fri., May 13 – Zoo Trip – gr. 2-4
Mon., May 16 – Spring Recital for piano, voice, band
Tues., May 17 – Arboretum trip – Grades K and 1
Wed., May 18 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 1 plans)
Thurs., May 19 – Field Day for K-8
Fri., May 20 – 8th gr. to Valley Fair/Gr. 7 to gymnastics studio and park
Fri., May 20 – Preschool Graduation
Mon., May 23 – Field day alternative
Tues., May 24 – Grand Slam trip for Grades 5/6
Wed., May 25 – 8th gr. graduation 6:30 PM
Thurs., May 26 – Last day of school
8:00 Mass and trip to Memorial Park
Fri., May 26 – No Preschool or Club House
Tues., May 31 – Summer Club House and Preschool open

Fri., June 10 – SWS Golf Tournament

Click here for the
2021-2022 School Calendar

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