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Weekly Office News – May 2, 2022

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

We are quickly coming to the ending of our 21-22 school year.  It has been a busy year and one with many wonderful activities. We cannot be more thankful for all the support and help that many have shown.  Our students are thriving!  We have seen such growth in them as a community connected to God, to each other, and their teachers. We hope that they have the Holy Spirit enlightening them in an ever deeper way as they move forward.

To keep our school financially sustainable, we hold a series of fundraising activities throughout the year. You have all made the fundraising events of 21-22 super successful. There are two more that will take place for our current fiscal year. We appreciate all that you have contributed during our current school year and ask you to push just a little bit more to finish out the school year. We need to sell our 650 Pot-O-Gold tickets and need your help to do so. You might even purchase one for yourself and take a chance on winning the $20,000. We also have our golf tournament in June that is more fun than simply being a funding source for the school. This is quite the social event too, both rain or shine!  Please join in and let’s keep going strong for these final activities.


Kim Doyle, Principal

“Be Still and Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10


Retirements at SWS

1. Mike Tschimperle will be retiring from teaching after being at St. Wenceslaus for the past 37 years. We are so grateful for the dedication and service Mike has given to our school.
2. Mary Wick is retiring as our Food Service Director/Head Cook. She has been at SWS for 16 years. We will miss her and her willingness to jump in where and when needed with a delicious lunch, dinner, or treat for kids and staff.
3. Betty Jirak will be retiring at the end of the summer. Betty is a preschool aide who has been at our school for 3 years but has worked her entire life in other locations.
4. Anne Conway has been a teacher during her career in several schools. She is the current preschool teacher of our 3/4 program for this past year.

                                                               Happy Retirement!

Concert/Guest Day Details

1. Students should dress up on Tuesday for the activities and concerts.

No Jeans (except the classes that will be wearing jeans as part of their costume – gr. 2/3/4)
No spaghetti straps on dresses or tops.
Nice dress shorts are ok- Not athletic shorts
A change of shoes or clothes for recess and the afternoon is acceptable.

2. Students will NOT leave with guests after the morning concert. They will stay at school for lunch and the afternoon.

3. All students should arrive at school at 6:00 PM for the evening concert. They need to go to their classrooms.

4. Rosary in Church/Concert in Gym

Tues., May 3 – Grades K-8 Special Guest Day Activities –

Guests can park in the back parking lot and come to the gym.

8:00-8:45 – Treats/Coffee/Games with kids in the gym. Tour of school with your special kids.
8:45 – Head to the church for the Rosary
9:00 – Living Rosary in Church
10:00 – K-8 Spring Concert in Gym (Especially for guests,     grandparents, and friends)

Guests will leave after the concert at about 11:15.
Kids will stay in school for lunch and afternoon classes.

6:30 PM- Evening K-8 Spring Concert in the Gym


Preschool Special Guest Day – May 6

9:00-10:00 AM – Meet children in the gym. Students will check into their classrooms and then head to the gym where activity tables will take place.

Guests can park in the back parking lot and come to the gym.

Parent Night at Giesenbrau Brewery

Mark your calendars
Thursday, May 12
6:00-8:00 PM

All parents in preschool through grade 8 are invited to join in for a short social time at the local brewery sponsored by our School Advisory Council.

This is a chance to meet others, have a free beverage, and maybe win a prize.

Get a babysitter in place now, then simply show up! Come alone or with a spouse. No need to worry about knowing anyone because this event is meant for people to meet each other!

Job openings

1. Head Kitchen Food Services – full-time
2. Summer help for Club House – above 18 only – adults above 21 preferred – both full-time and part-time.
3. Preschool aide for fall – must be able to work 12:00-5:00 – full-time or part-time options
4. Teachers – hiring several for fall 2022

Pot-O-Gold  – Cash prize of $20,000.00

We have only 650 tickets ($100 each).

You can get tickets from Sherry in the school office.

Click Here for inspiration!


Financial Assistance
If you are a family that applied for financial assistance for the 22-23 school year through TADS, please watch for your notification to come to you via email.  We are working on these applications now and will have the information for you soon.

 SWS Golf Tournament

Friday, June 10.
10:30 Registration and Putt of Cash begin
12:00 Start

1. Golfers of all abilities
2. Hole Sponsors
3. Item donations/give-aways/cash donations

Click here to register online.

You can come alone or you can come with a team of 4. The SWS organizers will make sure everyone has a place.

Dinner will be served after the event.
Rain or shine! We have fun no matter what.

Totus Tuus Summer Faith Camp at St. Wenceslaus

Totus Tuus, a Latin phrase meaning  “Totally Yours,” was the motto of Pope Saint John Paul II.

Grades 1-6, June 20-24, 9:-2:30
Grades 7/8 and 9-12, June 19-23, 6:15-8:30

Registration includes a t-shirt, snacks, and a meal.Registration Forms can be found at


Camp I Can for Girls in grades 1-8

This is a trusted counseling service that works with the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese

Phoenix School Counseling Services is now offering a social-emotional learning (SEL) summer experience for girls grades 1st through 8th through Camp I Can. This camp will be led by our Phoenix School Counselors. Camp I Can offers the opportunity for girls to grow their social skills, practice managing different emotions, strengthen their friendship skills, and learn about self-identity and conflict resolution. With a social-emotional learning platform, Camp I Can will integrate SEL activities and lessons, team-building experiences, fun games, and a place where each student can turn their “cant’s” into “I can’s!” For more information, please visit <> . This link will provide the different dates for the camp and registration. The camp is held at Holy Spirit Catholic School, located in St. Paul MN. Registration begins April 8th, and there are limited spots for each grade level. For additional questions, please email at

Summer Club House

We are finalizing our enrollment for our Summer Club House. Open for 12 weeks 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Click here if you need a registration form

Summer Club House Activities

Pool days, Field trips, In-house assemblies, and Daily themed plans

Click here

Summer Programs

Club House will be open all summer for kids currently in k-5. See the calendar (sent in previous mail) for summer activities which include pool days, field trips, special speakers, and more.

Preschool Summer program is open to kids who are currently enrolled in our preschool. This program will have water sprinkler days, attend the special speakers with the older kids, and do many fun activities in a safe environment for the little kids.

Covid Update
The Covid-19 virus still exists and still affects people within our school.  We continue to monitor but all school life has returned to “normal” at this time.
Here are the guidelines:

1. Keep your child home if they are ill.  Same rules apply as aways with 24 hours (24 hour rule) -for any fever, diarrhea, vomit and we also hope you test for covid.

As educators we see that coughs and runny noses are not handled well by some children so keep those children home until better. Kids are extremely germy with mucus issues. Children who cannot use a tissue and sanitize appropriately or who do not cover a cough should not be in school.

2. If a child or staff member test positive, then they do need to quarantine for 5 days and can return to school on day 6. (day zero being the day of the test if no symptoms or if there are symptoms then day zero is the day symptoms start) Day 6 with a mask until day 10 – or quarantine through day 10. Day 11 all is good if symptoms are gone or significantly better. This is the policy until further notice. For preschool, we ask for kids to remain out for the full 10 days.

3. Masks are optional. Some children and staff members continue to wear masks and that is OK. 

Some children come to school in a mask but wear it on their neck or chin – or only cover their mouth and keep their nose out. If this is your child, you might consider getting rid of the mask. It actually is more distracting and germy than helpful to your child. Having the child touch the mask constantly spreads their germs to others and works against your intention to protect them.


Calendar of Events:

Tues., May 3 – K-8 Special Guest Day Activities
 8:00 – Treats with the kids in gym
 9:00 – Living Rosary in Church
 10:00 – Spring Concert in Gym
Tues., May 3 – 6:30 PM- Evening K-8 Spring Concert in Gym
Wed., May 4 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 7 plans)
Thurs., – Fri, May 5/6 – 8th Gr. Retreat
Thurs., May 5 – Noon Prayer around the Flag Pole– National Day of Prayer
Fri., May 6 – Preschool Special Guest day 9:00-10:00.
Sat., May 7 – 6:00 – CSCOE Bash Gala
Tues., May 10 – School Parent Association Meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., May 11 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 2 plans) – Special First Communion celebration with class
Thurs., May 12 – 9:00 Late Start Day
Thurs., May 12 – Gr. 4 Wax Museum and Gr, 5 Patriotic Play (1:30)
Thurs., May 12 – Parent Night at Giesenbrau Brewery 6:00-8:00 PM
Fri., May 13 – Zoo Trip – gr. 2-4
Mon., May 16 – Spring Recital for piano, voice, band – 6:30 PM in gym
Tues., May 17 – Arboretum trip – Grades K and 1
Wed., May 18 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 1 plans)
Thurs., May 19 – Field Day for K-8
Fri., May 20 – 8th gr. to Valley Fair/Gr. 7 to gymnastics studio and park
Fri., May 20 – Preschool Graduation 10:00 am in gym
Mon., May 23 – Field day alternative
Mon., May 23 – Summer preschool begins
Tues., May 24 – Grand Slam trip for Grades 5/6, Bowling for Gr. 4
Wed., May 25 – 8th gr. graduation 6:30 PM
Thurs., May 26 – Last day of school
8:00 Mass and trip to Memorial Park
Fri., May 26 – No Preschool or Club House
Tues., May 31 – Summer Club House begins and Preschool continues

Fri., June 10 – SWS Golf Tournament

Thank You Video – from our staff to you!

We appreciate each and every one of you!
It has been a great 2021-2022 school year.


Click here for the
2022-2023 School Calendar

Click here for the
2021-2022 School Calendar

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