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School News – October 5, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

A true example of generosity, dedication, and giving are simple words that describe one of our school supporters. I would like to thank Mr. Ron McBroom for his continuous and unwavering commitment to the school.  Each year Ron collects marathon pledges from more than 100 people, making calls, and asking for donations for the school everywhere he goes. Ron is a crusader for SWS, telling people all over the community the good things that SWS offers and the value of our Catholic education. Ron has been participating in the school marathon for more than 30 years with his lovely wife, Kathy, supporting the school in similiar ways.

This year, Ron walked around the school and the church until he completed 5 miles. He collected $8,600 from 108 donors.  This put our school far above our school goal ($46,000) raising a total of $53,800.  A very special thanks to Ron and Kathy McBroom.

Our 2nd highest money collector was Fr. Eugene, raising $4,700 in marathon donations. We thank Fr. Eugene and all of the families of SWS for your generous participation in this event that is critical to our school operations. It was a huge success. We are so very thankful – Catch Us If You Can.

“Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God”

“Peace of Mind” – Parenting sessions
Join Dr. Jules Nolan each month for virtual group counseling webinars for parents. This opportunity comes to you through CSCOE (Catholic School Center of Excellence.

October 8 or 21: Strategies for Raising Resilient children

COVID Contacts –  when your child is feeling sick, is getting COVID test, or has been exposed.
Please be sure to send the message to the school office before sending any notes to teachers.

SWS COVID Points of contact:
Health Aide –
Principal –
Office Manager-

Saintly Service
This year we are focusing on 9 great saints. Each month we will learn more about each chosen saint and we will try to imitate their actions in school. The students are aware of the saints each month through study and prayer. In September we studied St. Benedict who was a model of “hospitality”.  In October we will study St. Teresa of Calcutta. Our goal is to be “assertively friendly” like Mother Teresa.

Auction/Gala CommitteeIt is time to start planning and we need people to help with our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Will it be live or virtual?  We need to start having these conversations.  Who is willing to help this year? Contact Kim

Night of Light Gala
Support the Aim Higher Foundation

This wonderful foundation supports many of our school families with financial aid scholarships.

Host a watch party for a chance for our school to win $1000.
6:00-7:00 PM on Friday, October 9.

Click the link to sign up.

COVID Symptoms vs Close Contact

Here is a parent guide

Students coming to school with symptoms will be sent home along with all siblings. It is best if you keep your child home before we have to send them home

4 major symptoms – just one sends the child  home with siblings
1. Cough – new or worsening
2. Fever – 100.4

3. Loss of taste and smell
4. Difficulty or trouble breathing

Other symptoms – 2 of these = go home with siblings
Sore throat, nausea, muscle pain, excessive fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, chills, nasal congestion, or a runny nose

Many symptoms are common illnesses of children. Some will require automatic send home as usual and 24 hours out of school – fever of any degree, vomit, or diarrhea even if it is the one and only issue these normally require a trip back home.

Close contact means automatic quarantine of no less than 14 days.
This is for those tested – negative, positive, or not tested at all!

Covid Definitions

Exposed: This means coming in contact with the virus. The virus is thought to spread when someone who is infected coughs, sneezes, or exhales. This is why people should stay at least 6 feet from each other.

Incubation period: This is the time from close contact exposure to development of infection. For COVID-19, the incubation period ranges from two to 14 days.

Infectious period: This is the period of time a person with COVID-19 can spread the virus to others. It includes the 48 hours before a person experiences symptoms, and at least 10 days after symptom started. For a person without symptoms, the infectious period is 48 hours before the date the person is tested and at least 10 days after.

Isolation: Isolation is an infection prevention tool for a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, and requires the person to stay away from others, even those living in same home. For COVID-19, the isolation period is at least 10 days from start of symptoms or test date if the person does not have symptoms, 24 hours without fever, and improvement of symptoms. The isolation period could be longer if a person does not see improvement in their symptoms.

Quarantine: Quarantine is an infection prevention tool for a person who was in close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19, and requires the person to stay away from others for 14 days. The quarantine period does not change with a negative test result since an infection could still develop after getting tested. Quarantine lasts for 14 days because COVID-19 has an incubation period that is between two to 14 days long.

Transmission: This is the term used to describe when an illness spreads between people.


Please check your child’s mask to make sure it fits well, covering the nose and mouth snuggly. If you need a new one, please let us know. We have a limited supply of cloth masks in the office.

Here is a new link from the Minnesota Department of Health that explains masks in simple terms.

Although other kinds of masks might be approved, at SWS we are asking for cloth or paper with elastic behind the ears because these seem to be touched less and stay up more. Please check to make sure your childs mask in not too thin or does not have any vents.  If it is a gaiter style, this mask must be thick enough so as to not allow droplets out (can you blow out a candle with your mask on?). Some that are on the market are just not appropriate!

From the Executive Order of the Governor-  “CDC recommends using two layers of fabric when making a cloth face covering. Face coverings that are made of thinner single-layer fabric such as certain types of scarves, neck gaiters, or bandannas may not be as effective for source control.”

School Mass
Our school Mass is for the school children K-8 and teachers only!

We do not have room in the church to include parents at this time. School Masses are live streamed. See the parish website or parish Facebook to watch and participate.

Club House for grades K-8 will be open on some non-school days this year.
There are 3 days this fall that have no regular school classes.
October 15 and 16 for MEA , and November 5 for conferences
Please sign up by this link:

Preschool parents – special arrangements may be available if you need this service. Please email directly to Kim.doyle@swsaints

Calendar of Events:

Wed. Oct 7 – 8:00 school Mass ( Gr. 6) – Last day to turn in marathon money.
Fri., Oct. 9 – Night of Lights Virtual Event for the Aim Higher Foundation 6:00- 7:00 PM
Tues., Oct 13 – Home/School meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., Oct 14 – 8:00 school Mass (gr. 5 plans)
Thurs., Oct 15 – MEA No School
Fri., Oct 16 – MEA No School
Wed., Oct. 21 – 8:00 school Mass ( gr.4 plans)
Wed., Oct 21 – School Advisory Meeting- 6:30 PM
Sat., Oct. 24 – Preschool/toddler event – 9:00
Wed. Oct. 28 – 8:00 school Mass ( gr. 4 plans)
Thurs., Nov. 5 – NO School – Teacher Conferences


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