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School News – September 3, 2019

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal 
Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

Our first week of school went very well. The students were happy and seemed to settle into their new routines rather quickly this year. Of course everyone was very excited to have a new teacher and a new place to call their homeroom.  Although we have some new students throughout the school, to most of our kids it was like coming home again. They knew exactly what to do in this wonderfully comforting and familiar place.

It is our hope that the parents also feel that our school is here for you and that you too find comfort in our staff and in other school families who share the same desire that you do for your children. That is to develop a strong relationship with God and learn how to use the skills God graced each of us with to make a difference in our school, our community and maybe even in the world today and in the future. We especially welcome our new families into this unique place of opportunity.

it is going to be a great year! We are glad you are here with us!


Marathon Information is coming home this week Each year our school has an event called the Marathon for Non-public education. It is a nation-wide event that takes place in the fall to raise funds for the school.

As a non-public school, we function financially from 4 main sources: Tuition, Fundraising, Donations, and Support from our parish. We are not given any government funding so it is critical that those who attend the non-public school and those who believe in the special mission of the non public schools  help bring funds in to support the resources for staff and students.

Read the marathon information that will be coming home in a back pac this week so that you understand what is asked of each family. Mark your calendar for the marathon day. This event is for preschool through grade 8 families, students, and supporters.

New this year – On line donation link!
for friends and relatives to make an easy donation to the school on behalf of your child/ren. The link is located on the main school website page.
Link Here

Marathon in Saturday, September 28
8:00 start time and over by  10:00

Back to School Forms and Paperwork

Please turn everything into the office ASAP! It is now due!
Find all the required document here for preschool and K-8

Parent Handbooks, Documents & Forms

Free or Reduce price lunches are offered
If you think your family might qualify for the national school lunch program, please apply. It is confidential and easy. You benefit by getting free lunch and our school benefits by getting money for many different things based on the amount of people who apply. The more who apply and qualify, the better it is for SWS.

Here are the Lunch guidelines with qualifying salary

 Here is the free lunch application


Dozinky Parade – September 21

We need as many preschool and up families and students to be in the parade with us. If we are going to enter a parade unit, we want to be impressive- right!

We are unit #14 – so you will have plenty of time to be on our parade unit and still watch the rest of the parade. Yes your kids will still get plenty of candy too.

We will have a float to ride or you are encouraged to walk along. We will be handing out candy and special items to preschoolers.

Stop by the office to pick up an adult “red t-shirt”, free to parents to wear in the parade, if you did not yet get one. The students will soon be getting their own spirit wear t-shirts to wear to the parade.

 Late Start Days and October 16 Staff Day

Reminder: We will participate in the 90 minute late start days along with the school district. There are 8 of these days throughout the year. School for K-8 will start at 9:00 AM on these days. This does NOT affect the preschool start time of 9:00 AM. Club House for K-8 will NOT be available at this point on the late start dates. (We are seeking a staff person but at this point there is not one available) This also does NOT affect the preschool early morning extended care which will continue to open at 7:00 AM.

October 16 is a special staff in-service day and we will NOT have school for preschool to grade 8 and there will be no Club House and no Preschool Extended Care.

Our staff will be going to the Minneapolis Convention Center for a conference with all other Catholic school teachers in our Archdiocese. That is about 5000 teachers who teach 21,000 students making our Archdiocese the biggest district in the State with 79 different campus sites. It will be an amazing day for our staff.

Wanted: Volunteers to help serve lunch. Sign up for one day per week or one day per month. Every bit of help is appreciated.



 Tues., Sept. 3 -First day of school for 3/4’s preschool
Wed., Sept. 4 – 1st School Mass at 8:00 AM (Gr. 8 plans)
Tues., Sept. 10 Home/School Association meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., Sept. 11 – 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 7 plans)
8th grade confirmation meeting
Thurs., Sept. 12 – Student Adoration time 8:30-10:30

Mon., Sept. 16 – NWEA fall testing Wed., Sept. 18 –  School Mass 8:00am (gr 6 plans)
School Advisory Meeting 7:00PM
Thurs., Sept. 19 – 90 minute late start  – 9:00 AM start time
Sat., Sept. 21 – Dozinky Parade 12:00 Noon- line up at 11:30
Sat., Sept 28Feast of St. Wenceslaus Celebration Mass at 8:00 AM followed by the School Marathon


Car Drop off for K-8 in the morning

Please drop off kids in the back parking lot only and not the front doors.  The back is the only place that we have staff supervision and the only place that they can enter through an open door.  We also ask that you DO NOT drop off until 7:10.

Find answers to some of your school questions. Click on the “Parent Handbook” on our school website. Listed under “Current Parents”

Preschool Families——The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship is open to students entering the 4/5-year-old preK class next fall  – one year away from entering kindergarten.

If you are considering sending your child to SWS for kindergarten you now qualify for this grant up to $3000!

You must be Middle income to apply! Low income people should apply for Financial Aid with TADS. High income people might not qualify.

Volunteers: Keep your Virtus Accounts Current!
Go onto your account to check for updates. Things are constantly changing and you need to keep up in order to volunteer at SWS. Thanks.

New volunteers :
Set up an account
Sign up for a mandatory class session
Fill out a background check
Sign a Code of Conduct
Watch any required movies
Answer all questions

For those who need after school care throught the year:

Club House: Open to students in kindergarten – Grade 8
Preschool Extended Care: -For all ages of preschool

Please click this link
or go to:
Current Families – Handbooks and Forms
(Scroll down to extended care registration or Club House registration)