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School News – September 21, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

I was recently reminded of the importantce of being especially kind and especially human in a good way during this COVID Pandemic.  Most of us are not used to being so directed by something that is so out of our control. This can bring stress, frustration, and many other feelings into our dealings with others. A kind word or kind gesture can mean more than it ever has before.

Here at SWS we are working very hard to do what is good for our students and staff. We are so appreciative of the people who give us a kind word of support as we navigate in an unknown school world. Our staff is doing an outstanding job of teaching, trying to make school life as normal as possible. In line with our school mission, we want our students to grow in their love for God, to form kind souls as they care for each other, and to also receive a great academic education.

Let’s be kind. God will see that we are trying to be good humans. Let’s please and praise Him!

“Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God”

School Mass
We will be having our 1st school Mass on Wednesday.
This Mass is for the school children K-8 and teachers only!

We do not have room in the church to include parents at this time. We want to see how it works before making changes to include others.

School Picture Days
There is no obligation to purchase a picture packet. Everyone will get their picture taken for our year book and for our school records.

Wed. Sept. 23 – School Picture Day- for grades – PreK, 8, 7, 6, 5

Thurs., Sept. 24 – School Picture Day – for grades – Preschool 3/4’s, K,1, 2, 3, 4

No uniforms are required on these days – We do not want students to change clothing after their picture is taken, so plese have what they wear for the picture to be appropriate for the entire day of school.

Free Lunch starts today for all students

USDA grant allows for free lunches until December 31 or until the funding runs out – whichever is first.

PreK – 8  = Lunch is Free
Double lunch or seconds = $1.50
Milk with lunch from home = $.50
Milk for snack (kindergrarten) = Free
Milk/juice for snack  Gr. 1-8 = $.50

If your salary meets the requirement – Please fill out the Free/Reduced lunch application.
If your income quailifies you, our school benefits in many other ways by the numbers who apply and qualify. (and it will be in place when we go back to paid lunches again)

Click here for free/reduced lunch forms

COVID Symptoms and Close Contact  – so confusing????

Here is a parent guide

Students coming to school with symptoms will be sent home along with all siblings. It is best if you keep your child home before we have to send them home.

DO NOT send them to school to just try it. Just keep them home!!!!

4 major symptoms – just one sends you home with siblings
1. Cough – new or worsening
2. Fever – 100.4

3. Loss of taste and smell
4. Difficulty or trouble breathing

Other symptomstwo of these means go home with siblings
Sore throat, nausea, muscle pain, excessive fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, chills, nasal congestion, or a runny nose

Many of these are common ilnesses of children. Some will require automatic send home as usual with normal illness and 24 hours out of school – fever of any degree, vomit, or diarrhea even if it is the one and only issue these normally require a trip back home.

Close contact means automatic quarantine of no less than 14 days.
This is for those tested – negatvie, positive, or not tested at all!

Mask News
Here is a new link from the Minnesota Department of Health that explains masks in simple terms.

Although other kinds of masks might be approved, at SWS we are asking for cloth or paper with elastic behind the ears because these seem to be touched less and stay up more.


Marathon Day is fast approaching on September 28
This is also The Feast of Saint Wenceslaus our patron saint.
Here is our schedule:

8:00-9:00 – Mass ( Closed to parents and the public – kids and teachers only)
9:00-2:00 – class by class running challenge (watch for details to come later this week)
Adoration in the church class by class
11:00-1:00 – Special hot dog lunch
12:00 – Eucharistic procession around our school campus by Fr. Eugene and blessing to our school, parish, and surrounding neighborhood.

Parents are welcome to come to the school and cheer on the students from outside the playground fence. Masks are required – also please social distance on the outside of the fence.

Donation Link:

Money collection to qualify for prizes is October 7

What is a Eucharistic Adoration
Eucharistic Adoration is a prayer and form of worship to the Lord through His most Blessed Sacrament. We spend time acknowledging Him deeply in our life as our God and Savior. When we do this during the school day, we allow our students to quietly enter into private and silent prayer with God. We will go to the church and have the students sit quietly and pray for a few minutes each doing it at their own personal level.

What is a Eucharistic Procession
A Eucharistic Procession, is a public witness of the veneration toward the Most Holy Eucharist, conducted through public streets. It takes place in this way: A consecrated host – that is, the real and substantial presence of Jesus Christ: body, blood, soul and divinity – is placed within a monstrance, which is then lifted and carried by a priest who leads the faithful in procession.

(If you happen to be outside on Marathon day at 12:00 noon while the procession is taking place, it is appropriate to kneel, genuflect, or bow and make the Sign of the Cross as the procession passes by)

Back to School Paperwork and Forms

PLEASE – Go to the school website and click on the button.
Back to school paperwork and forms
We have lots of paperwork and forms that you need to complete. Many of these can be filled out on line!

Thank you for taking care of this detail. We know it is annoying be we really do need your forms filled out.

Thank you!

Club House for grades K-8 will be open on some non-school days this year.
There are 3 days this fall that have no regular school classes.
October 15 and 16 for MEA , and November 5 for conferences
Please sign up by this link:

Preschool parents – special arrangements may be available if you need this service. Please email directly to Kim.doyle@swsaints

Wanted: Substitute Teachers and/or people with 4-year degrees who are willing to step in to help with our classes if our teachers cannot be in the school.

Training will be provided. 

All substitutes will need to be approved with a background check and other documents through Virtus.

You do not need to have a teaching degree but you must have a 4-year college degree to be in a classroom with the students.

We are very short of this sort of help. Please let us know if you are willing. This will be a paid position – paid daily.

Calendar of Events:

Tues., Sept. 22 – Home/School Meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., Sept 23 – 8:00 School Mass – (Gr. 8 plans)
Wed. Sept. 23
– School Picture Day- for grades – PreK, 8, 7, 6, 5
Wed., Sept. 23 – School Advisory Council-6:30 pm
Thurs., Sept. 24 – School Picture Day – for grades – Preschool 3/4’s, K,1, 2, 3, 4
Mon., Sept. 28 – Feast of St. Wenceslaus School Mass at 8:00 ( Gr. 7 plans)
Mon., Sept. 28 – School Marathon Event Challenge for Students
Wed. Oct 7 – 8:00 school Mass ( Gr. 6) – Last day to turn in marathon money.
Fri., Oct. 9 – Night of Lights Virtual Event for the Aim Higher Foundation 7:00 PM
Thurs., Oct 15 – MEA No School
Fri., Oct 16 – MEA No School


School Pandemic Preparedness and Readiness Plan Archdiocesan Protocols for Safely Reopening Catholic School Buildings.

Please click here to go directly to our safety plan.

This plan is a fluid plan that will be changing as needed.

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