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School News – October 12, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

We continue to work hard in school to make sure our kids are getting the best faith-filled academic days as normal. This is a challenge because there is so much to do and so many things to take care of. It makes our staff sad and frustrated to have to give up certain ways of teaching. We have to rethink our strategies and delivery making sure that our students are learning as strongly as in the past.

At SWS, we can be so thankful that we have such amazing teachers and staff members. Our years of experience in education, our STEM training, and our advanced teaching degrees are really paying off in the quality of our lessons and our flexibility to quickly adapt to the issues and needed changes as they arise. The qualities that are even more critical to our success are the dedication to the children, the commitment to the Catholic Faith education, our individual and combined prayer life, our group collaboration, and our love for all aspects of SWS.

We are also so lucky to have a large supporter base of friends, parishioners, alumni, and caring school parents who work to help the school in many different ways according to their abilities and skills. Everyone pitching in makes a huge difference in what we can accomplish this year.

Please continue to pray for our students, our staff, and our entire school community as we continue on our path to stay healthy and to keep progressing strongly.

“Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God”

“Peace of Mind” – Parenting sessions
Join Dr. Jules Nolan each month for virtual group counseling webinars for parents. This opportunity comes to you through CSCOE (Catholic School Center of Excellence.

October 21: Strategies for Raising Resilient children

Club House for grades K-8
November 5 for conference day – no regular school classes on this day.
Please sign up by this link:

Preschool parents – special arrangements may be available if you need this service. Please email directly to Kim.doyle@swsaints

Conferences will be virtual on November 5
Watch for a conference link to come out this week to sign up for a 10 minute virtual Google Meet Conference with your child’s teacher.  After you secure a time, the teacher will send you the link. All virtual conferences will take place form 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Scavenger Hunt around SWS campus for kids ages 2-4
Toddler time at SWS on Saturday, October 24 at 9:00 AM.
We are offering an outdoor activity for the little ones. Check-in begins at 9:00 and then you and your toddler will head around our yard to find a few fun activities located in different spots on our beautiful school/parish property. All are welcome.  No need to RSVP – Just show up with your child age 2-4. 

This event involves being able to walk all the way around the school.

Saintly Service
This year we are focusing on 9 great saints. Each month we will learn more about each chosen saint and we will try to imitate their actions in school. The students are aware of the saints each month through study and prayer. In September we studied St. Benedict who was a model of “hospitality”.  In October we will study St. Teresa of Calcutta. Our goal is to be “assertively friendly” like Mother Teresa.

Marathon Finals
Our final total is $54,954.66
Our goal was $46,000

Thanks to everyone for a job well done!

Pizza prizes: We will be sending home our prize pizza’s on Wednesday, October 21 to each child who earned $300 or more in marathon donations. We encourage you to pick your child up from school on this day if they have earned pizza.

Auction/Gala CommitteeIt is time to start planning and we need people to help with our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Will it be live or virtual?  We need to start having these conversations.  Who is willing to help this year? Contact Kim

Substitute Staff Members Wanted
We need Substitutes this year. 
Anyone with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree can serve as a teacher substitute.(college diploma must be submitted)

We also need monitors for classrooms if the kids are in school and a teacher is remote. ( people with good management skills)

We need backup people for the kitchen, office, and Club House, and the preschool.

Please let Kim know if you are available to be called to help this year.

Here is what happens when the entire class goes on quarantine
Why does a a class quarantine happen?  This is very unpredictable. The entire class will need to go on quarantine when just 1 student or the teacher attends school and gets sick or a family member is sick and this one person ends up with a positive lab test.  We look back 48 hours or 2 full school days to when the test is confirmed. Anyone who was within 6 ft for more than 15 minutes is then classified as “exposed”.  This means 14 day automatic quarantine from school and from all activities outside of school! Person must stay home.

What should be done?
Wait 5-7 days and get a Covid test, watch for symptoms, and stay home. If testing is positive – then report this to the school, continue to stay home, and all family members must stay home for 14 days if the test is positive.

How will my child be educated?
The teachers are prepared to switch into the “Full Distance Learning Plan”  You can find this plan on our website. You will be contacted by the teacher as soon as possible to let you know how and when your child will receive their lessons.

What happens if my child’s teacher is quarantined or too sick to teach while the class is quarantined?
If the teacher is at home and healthy, they will be able to continue instruction with our distance plan. If they are at home and too sick to teach we may need to delay instruction for a few days during quarantine or hire a substitute who is capable of doing the distance plan.

In some cases when the teacher is quarantined, we might find that moving their class to full distance learning is better than having a substitute with them. We may find distance learning to be a more educational and productive time for learning if the teacher in at home.

Contact procedure for Covid Activity
Parents will be contacted about any Covid activity that affects their child and only their child.  Confidentiality will be adhered to.

You might hear one of the following:

“Your child has been exposed to a positive case and must quarantine” – but you will not hear who exposed them.

“Your child has 2 or more symptoms or one major symptoms and needs to be picked up” – but you will not hear about any other child.

Your child’s teacher may be gone for two weeks – but you will not be told why.

If one class goes on quarantine and your child is not in that class – you may not get contacted because the situation does not affect your child.

When it does concern you, this is what will happen:
Parents will get a phone call or a group recorded message call with information and instructions.
Parents get a letter stating if the child was exposed and the date the child can return to school. Another response may be that parents get a letter or verbal instructions about the symptoms and the process to take.

Covid Definitions

Exposed: This means coming in contact with the virus. The virus is thought to spread when someone who is infected coughs, sneezes, or exhales. This is why people should stay at least 6 feet from each other.

Incubation period: This is the time from close contact exposure to development of infection. For COVID-19, the incubation period ranges from two to 14 days.

Infectious period: This is the period of time a person with COVID-19 can spread the virus to others. It includes the 48 hours before a person experiences symptoms, and at least 10 days after symptom started. For a person without symptoms, the infectious period is 48 hours before the date the person is tested and at least 10 days after.

Isolation: Isolation is an infection prevention tool for a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, and requires the person to stay away from others, even those living in same home. For COVID-19, the isolation period is at least 10 days from start of symptoms or test date if the person does not have symptoms, 24 hours without fever, and improvement of symptoms. The isolation period could be longer if a person does not see improvement in their symptoms.

Quarantine: Quarantine is an infection prevention tool for a person who was in close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19, and requires the person to stay away from others for 14 days. The quarantine period does not change with a negative test result since an infection could still develop after getting tested. Quarantine lasts for 14 days because COVID-19 has an incubation period that is between two to 14 days long.

Transmission: This is the term used to describe when an illness spreads between people.

School Mass
Our school Mass is for the school children K-8 and teachers only!

We do not have room in the church to include parents at this time. School Masses are live streamed. See the parish website or parish Facebook to watch and participate.

COVID Contacts –  when your child is feeling sick, is getting COVID test, or has been exposed.
Please be sure to send the message to the school office before sending any notes to teachers.

SWS COVID Points of contact:
Health Aide –
Principal –
Office Manager-

Calendar of Events:

Tues., Oct 13 – Home/School meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., Oct 14 – 8:00 school Mass (gr. 5 plans)
Thurs., Oct 15 – MEA No School
Fri., Oct 16 – MEA No School
Wed., Oct. 21 – 8:00 school Mass ( gr.4 plans)
Wed., Oct 21 – School Advisory Meeting- 6:30 PM
Sat., Oct. 24 – Preschool/toddler event – 9:00
Wed. Oct. 28 – 8:00 school Mass ( gr. 4 plans)
Thurs., Nov. 5 – NO School – Teacher Conferences
Tues., Nov. 17 – Preschool Dinner on us! 5:00-6:00
Thurs., Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving
Fri., Nov. 27 – No School Thanksgiving Break


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