Saints School News

School News – November 4, 2019

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

 From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

This week we have several important events going on with the first one as the parent/teacher conferences. Please be sure to show up knowing that these are very short 10 or 15 minute little snippets of the life of your child while in school.  If you find that you have greater issues and need more time to meet with your child’s teacher, please set up another time to meet again. It is very important to us that we all work with each other to help our children.  We want to partner with you in all ways so please just let us know how we can help.

The preschool families were invited to dinner on Monday where they witnessed our preschool teachers being awarded “The Best of New Prague”  preschool award. This award was given to our preschool program from a company called “Best of the Best Awards Program” for being the Best in New Prague in the area of marketing, using best practices, and implementing programs to generate long-term value.

Thursday evening, November 7, the Archdiocesan Synod that is taking place at St. Wenceslaus. Our facility was chosen to host one of these listening and prayer events. I highly encourage you to attend to join in, listen, give your opinions, and pray for the greater Catholic church.  All are welcome to attend 6:00 – 9:00 PM. Stop by or come and go if you cannot join for the entire time.

Preschool Family Dinner Highlights
Did you miss this event? –  we don’t want you to miss the important announcements.

1. Best of the Best Award was given to Little Saints Preschool

For upcoming preschool – Fall 2020
2. Registration forms for next fall were given out with a $100 tuition coupon attached.
3. Schulze Scholarships for fall are open now for next year preschool.
4. We will offer a 3 or 5 day program for for PreK
5. We will offer a 2 or 5 day program for 3/4’s.
6. Watch for a survey of interest. We want to open a summer preschool program but will be limiting enrollment to the first 20 kids who apply.

For upcoming kindergarten – Fall 2020
6. Get your registration in by November 11 and we will waive the registration fees for your family.
7. Kindergarten tuition is reduced for everyone – and will go down for everyone in the class for each child who registers.
8. $100 off coupon as an added bonus to register before Dec. 15.
9. Aim Higher scholarship application is now open. Once you qualify for this you get the scholarship every year from Kindergarten to grade 8.

We are sending registration forms home for Fall 2020 preschool and kindergarten to make sure everyone gets one and can take advantage of the discounts, coupons, and scholarships.

We did the 1st drawing at the dinner and we will be doing a drawing at the beginning of each month. Two preschool families names will be drawn for 2 complimentary tickets to our Starry Night Event. This is worth $100 per family. That means 20 preschool parents will have complimentary admission to our event. Watch for your name to be a lucky winner! (This is financially supported by a private donor.)

Transfer Grant is now available until November 30.

Pass this information onto any family who currently has children in the public school in grades K-8.

* Maybe their child just needs a change.
*  Maybe the family is new to town and they did not think of SWS when registering.
* Maybe the family thought they just could not afford our school.
* Maybe they have always wanted their kids in the Catholic school.
* Maybe there is a chance that they would like to transfer.

We just received an opportunity for any family to transfer to our school. This is a one-time only grant.

The family will have 1/2 price tuition for the remained of this school year.

Deadline to transfer is November 30, 2019.

Clink here for flier to pass on to friends.

The Invention Convention

Grade 3-8 are required to design an invention.
Keep pictures of the invention process.
Record all trials and errors.
Keep an engineering notebook recording everything that is done.
Expect failures and then redesign and try again and again.

All inventions will be displayed on December 4

Winners will have an opportunity to take their  inventions to higher competition level at science and STEM fairs.

Fall Conferences
Conferences will take place at the following times.
Tuesday, November 5 – 3:00-5:00 and 6:00-8:00
Thursday,November 7 – 12:00-5:00 and 6:00-8:00

Conference Sign-up Link

Note: Due to the 8th grade trip to Washington DC, some staff members will not be available, but will set up special arrangements for conferencing with you.

Archdiocesan Synod
You are invited to come to this very special listening session sponsored by the Archdiocese
. These sessions are taking place at various parishes around the Archdiocese. One session will be at St. Wenceslaus on Thursday, November 7 from 6:00-9:00 PM in our parish activity center.
This is a great way to give input in how things are going with the Catholic Church. These conversations will guide the goals of the Archdiocese for the future.
It is important to have representation for our school and our parish at the synod events. Please feel free to join in. The future of our Church is in all of our hands.

Food Drive

This will take place the week before Thanksgiving. We want to fill the local food shelf. Purchase an extra bag of groceries and bring it to school by Nov. 20

The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship is now open for Fall 2020 school year!

For all preschool students going into the 4/5-year-old class  – one year away from entering kindergarten.

You must be Middle income to apply!

Click to the application website!


Mon., Nov. 4 – Preschool Dinner 5:30 PM
Tues., Nov. 5 – School Picture Day – Preschool, Gr. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
Conferences 3:00-8:00 PM
Wed., Nov. 6 – School Picture Day – PreK, 3, 2, 1, K
School Mass 8:00 (Gr. 2)
Gr. 8 trip to Washington DC
Thurs., Nov. 7 – No School
Conferences 12:00-8:00 PM
Archdiocesan Snyod- 6:00 PM in PAC – All welcome
Fri., Nov. 8 – Gr. 3-5 Field Trip to Bell Museum.
Mon., Nov. 11 – Starry Night Auction Meeting 6:30 PM
Tues., Nov. 12 – Home/School meeting 6:30 PM
Wed., Nov. 13 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 5)
Celebration of our Veterans with a Rosary at 1:00 pm in the church
Sat., Nov. 16 – Lego League Competition
Wed., Nov. 20 – 8:00 School Mass ( K/1)
Thanksgiving Food Drive
School Advisory Meeting 7:00 PM
Thurs., Nov. 21 – Late Start Day – 9:00AM
Mon., Nov. 25 – PreK trip to Cinderella
Wed., Nov. 27 – 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 3)
Thurs., Nov. 28 – No School Thanksgiving
Fri., Nov. 29 – No School
Mon., Dec. 2 – Advent all school prayer service 1:45 in Church
Wed. Dec. 4 – 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 4)
Invention Convention Grades 3-8 -after Mass
Thurs., Dec. 5 – School Penace Service – gr. 3-8
Fri., Dec. 6 -Field Trip to Holiday Show- Gr. 5-8
Santa’s Secret Shop Open
Sat., Dec. 7 – Preschool Sanata Party 8:30-10:00

Volunteers: Keep your Virtus Accounts Current!
Go onto your account to check for updates. Things are constantly changing and you need to keep up in order to volunteer at SWS. Thanks.

New volunteers :
Set up an account
Sign up for a mandatory class session
Fill out a background check
Sign a Code of Conduct
Watch any required movies
Answer all questions

Find answers to some of your school questions. Click on the “Parent Handbook” on our school website. Listed under “Current Parents”