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School News – November 16, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

We are experiencing day by day decisions in the realm of our pandemic. Our plan (as you read this today) is to remain open for in-person classes as long as we are able. Please know that all plans can change in a moments notice when those who have been exposed go into a 14 day quarantine. We hope to keep in-person learning through November 24 when we will then take a break for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Daily conversations take place about our next move. A new task force has been activated to help with decisions about in-person or distance learning. We follow the direction of the Archdiocese moving forward carefully. We are currently discussing a possible break from in-person learning after Christmas to hopefully push out time from possible exposures that families will risk over the holidays. Students may have distance learning for a week in January. We also count on our school families to make prudent decisions about family gatherings in the next few weeks and may ask you to self-quarantine if your family attends a risky gathering. More news coming on these decisions.

A key to staying in session in-person is to have healthy teachers. We know that in-person lessons are the best but if a teacher is not available, an entire class may need to go to distance learning or the entire school may need to transition. We are discussing having one day every 3-4 weeks for staff planning and catch time from the extra work due to dual teaching; in-person plus quarantine kids.   Please have a back-up plan for these days when announced. We will get a schedule to you soon.

Thank you in advance for understanding and bearing with all of us as we navigate to next steps.

“Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God”

Food Drive for our local food shelf – this week!

We will walk to the food shelf on Wednesday, November 18

Send all items in a grocery bag so that your child can personally carry it to the food shelf.

PreK Families

Be our dinner guest on November 17. We will bring dinner to your door step. (5:00-6:00 PM)

We will bring you – Pizza, Prize, and Packet

This is for all potential future kindergarteners – Fall 2021

Future Kindergarten Families – We have a deal for you!

A. Register before Thanksgiving and get the $50 registration fee waived!  It expires on November 25.

B. For every student who is registered beyond a minimum class of 15 students – every family gets a tuition discount for every additional child! (16 kids = $50 off, $17 kids = $100 off, etc.)

C. Kindergarten students who are registered by January 31, 2021, and stay enrolled in fall 2021 will receive an additional $150 tuition credit from a CSCOE (Catholic School Center of Excellence) grant! – This is a firm deadline so don’t miss it.

Amazon Smile Program
Holiday Shopping online?
Sign up. Name St. Wenceslaus
Catholic School (make sure it is our school in Minnesota because there are also schools by the same name in other states)  Our school receives 0.5% back on all purchases. It might not seem like a lot, but it all adds up over time.Go to this link to register.

Aim Higher Foundation Tuition Scholarships for K-8
The window is now open for applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Apply before February 20 deadline.

This is a needs-based scholarship program. Families apply through TADS by filling out the TADS application and then clicking on the scholarship button for the Aim Higher Foundation. Click here for more information.

Preschool 2021-2022 Early learning Scholarship
All students going into the prekindergarten and one year away from kindergarten qualify for this program.
Spread the word! This is open to everyone who is “middle income”. Students likely  to enroll in our SWS kindergarten the following year are given highest priority for getting this award.

Click here to get more information and the application link.

Saintly Service
In November/December we study St. Ignatius. Our goal is to be “assume positive intent” like St. Ignatius.

September –  St. Benedict – to offer incredible hospitality
October – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta – to be assertively friendly.

Saint Nicholas Day Drive-by
Mark your calendars for a special treat on the evening of St. Nicholas Day – Sunday, December 6 
6:00-6:30 PM

Drive through out parking for some lights, jolly teachers, jingle bells, and a little present for each child in the car!
Ages 1 to 16

Scott County Health Free Covid Testing

This takes place each Monday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in New Prague.

 It also is done at other local locations during the week.

Free Covid Testing – Saliva Test

There are many testing sites and test from home opportunities- all testing is now free so — if in doubt – go take a test!

School Sweepstakes Raffle

This raffle is our next big fundaiser that is required of all school families. You will receive $300 in tickets to sell. ($10 each)  The raffle will be for cash prizes.

Tickets will come out before Thanksgiving if possible and will be due by the end of January with the winners chosen during Catholic Schools week ( January 27).

More information to come soon.

Calendar of Events:

Tues., Nov. 17 – PreKIndergarten Family Dinner on us! 5:00-6:00 PM.
Wed., Nov.18, 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 2 plans)
Wed., Nov. 18 – Food Drive for Thanksgiving
Wed., Nov. 18 – School Advisory Meeting 6:30 PM
Wed., Nov. 25 – No School Teacher Rest Day- No Club House
Thurs., Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving – No Club House
Fri., Nov. 27 – No School Thanksgiving Break- No Club House
Wed., – Dec 2 – School Mass 8:00 AM ( Gr. 8 plans)
Thurs. Dec. 3 – Student Confession 9:30 – 11:00- Gr. 3-8 – Reconciliation for Grade 2 – 6:00-7:00 PM Sun., Dec 6 – St. Nicholas Day Drive-by for all families – 6:00-6:30PM
Tues., Dec. 8 – Immaculate Conception Feast Day School Mass at 10:00 AM ( Gr. 7 plans)
Wed. Dec. 16 – 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 1 Plans)
Wed., Dec. 23 – Last day of school before break.

Saints Return 2020
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activities that take place in 2020
B. Latest learning plans for the 2020 year
C. Resources for parents
D. Links to teachers pages

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COVID Contacts –  when your child is feeling sick, is getting COVID test, or has been exposed.
Please be sure to send the message to the school office before sending any notes to teachers.

SWS COVID Points of contact:
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Principal –
Office Manager-