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School News – January 4, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

Happy 2021!
Let us have hope as we move into the 2nd half of our school year. No doubt that 2020 was difficult, but it taught us many ways to be flexible, to be considerate, to look to the greater needs beyond ourselves, and to adapt quickly moving one step at a time.  I found the majority of our SWS people to be generous beyond words, appreciative for the things we do, trusting that the school is operating in the best interest of the children, and conscientious to protect and care for each other amid difficulties.

2021 requires that we incorporate even more cooperation as we battle the pandemic together. We will continue to teach skills of resilience, trust, hope, and most of all faith in God’s plan. It is quite evident that our school community is important for each of us more than ever. It gives us an extension beyond our individual homes and is a place for each of us to call our own – our home. We are brought together by our faith and our desire to have our kids immersed in their faith while learning their academics.

Parents have chosen our school because of what we stand for and how we put our faith first and not simply because we are doing in-person learning. Supporters and donors believe in our school and want to help foster the continuation of our Catholic education despite our hardships due to Covid. Our friends and alumni are dedicated to our Christ-centered mission and know how important the formation of our children is to the future of our society and the successful growth of each soul as we grow close to our glory beyond our earthly life. For each and everyone who has supported and helped SWS in 2020 and for many prior years, we could not be more thankful.

We ask that you continue to pray for our school with its dedicated staff and excellent students and their families. Pray for our continued success. Pray for our health and our safety. Pray for each of our supporters, donors, friends, and alumni. Pray for our families, parents of the past, present, and future, and for the grandparents who are the most loving of all! We ask God to bless us greatly and keep us focused on Him in 2021!

Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God!

Snowman Celebration
We are unable to host a party this year, but we still want to have a Snowman Celebration.

If you have a child who is the age to enter our preschool program next fall, your little one will be receiving a Snowman Kit in the mail from us with infomation about Little Saints Preschool for fall 2021. Watch for your snowman kit between January 8-12.

Contact us ( if you do not get a kit or if you have a neighbor, friend, or relative who wants to enroll their child in our program. We are happy to send a snowman kit to all incoming preschool students.

Preschool Open House

Registration for fall 2021 is taking place. We are offering a “live in-person” night when future preschool families can come to see our preschool hallway, classrooms, and meet all of our teachers.

Preschool registration forms can be dropped off on this night or mailed in. (download registration form) You are not obligated to attend the open house to register your child in the program.

*  Bring your preschool-age child but only if they have no symptoms of cold or flu.
*  Adults will wear masks.
*  All will sanitize coming in and going out. 
*  Our facility will accept 4 families per room at a time for social distancing (We have 4 rooms and can accept 16 visitors at a time). Each family will be asked to spend limited time based on attendance.

Tuesday, January 19
Stop in anytime between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Park on Columbus Avenue and enter through the doors named “Preschool Entrance”.

14 day Quarantine stays in place for SWS
Some of the directives have recently changed with the CDC, however, St. Wenceslaus will continue with the 14 day plan (when there are exposures)

Directives from the Archdiocese allow for exceptions to go to a 10 day quarantine only in certain cases and when the risk of exposure and academic programming need to be weighed and determined- at the discretion of the school principal.

Here is a letter from LeSueur County officials as it concerns the 14 day timing and safety.  Click here.

Summer Preschool and Summer Club House
(preschool and grades K-5)

Final decisions will be made this week.

Please fill out a brief survey if interested in a program for the summer.

January Teacher Days
1. Friday, January 15 – no K-8 classes but preschool and Club House are open.
2. Monday, January 18 –Staff Retreat – all programs closed
3. Friday, Janaury 29 – no K-8 classes but preschool and Club House are open.

K-8 families may register for Club House for January 15 and January 29 – Click here.

Coborns More Reward Points
Here is such an easy way for you to contribute to the school. Coborns give away $150,000 each year to schools.  The money is divided between all schools that have members with points.  It is so easy to sign up. Then we get the rewards each time you shop and SWS gets a donation.
1. Go to:
2. Create an account
3. Proceed to login
4. Goto: manage my membership
5. Choose school reward
6. Select: St. Wenceslaus Catholic School

School Sweepstakes Raffle

K-8  – $300 of tickets.
Preschool – $50 of tickets.  

The raffle is for cash prizes.
Drawing will be: Catholic Schools Week – February 3.

If you can sell more than your share at your place of employment or with your relatives, we would greatly appreciate the help.

Amazon Smile Program
Sign up. Name St. Wenceslaus
Catholic School (make sure it is our school in Minnesota because there are also schools by the same name in other states)  Our school receives 0.5% back on all purchases. It might not seem like a lot, but it all adds up over time.Go to this link to register.

Registration for Kindergarten Families

Now – Open to the public!

1. For every kindergarten student who registers from this point until June 1 – all kindergarten tuition gets lowered by $50 for every kindergarten family upto 28 students.
Click for registration form

2. Kindergarten students who are registered by January 31, 2021, and stay enrolled in fall 2021 will receive an additional $150 tuition credit from a CSCOE (Catholic School Center of Excellence) grant! – This is a firm deadline so don’t miss it.

Aim Higher Foundation Tuition Scholarships for K-8
The window is now open for applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Apply before February 20 deadline.

This is a needs-based scholarship program. Families apply through TADS by filling out the TADS application and then clicking on the scholarship button for the Aim Higher Foundation. Click here for more information.

Registration for Preschool 2021
We are accepting registration for preschool for fall 2021.
Little Saints PreschoolClick here for forms.

Please help us by passing this form on to family and friends who might be interested in our preschool program.

Preschool 2021-2022 Early learning Scholarship
All students going into the prekindergarten and one year away from kindergarten may qualify for this program.
Get a preschool scholarship $500 to $3000!

Spread the word! This is open to everyone who is “middle income”. Students likely  to enroll in our SWS kindergarten the following year are given highest priority for getting this award.

Click here to get more information and the application link.

Enrollment for students in Grades 1-8 for next fall.

We will  have an automatic re-enrollment again this year.

This is great for you because you do not need to fill out any paperwork now. It is necessary for us so that we can make sound financial decisions and staffing plans.

The registration fee is required and will be automatically charged to your TADS account on March 1st.  Registration fees are $50 per student.

We will assume your child/ren is/are returning to SWS in the fall unless you make arrangements directly with Kim Doyle. Please contact KIm before March 1 to workout any details.

Scott County Health Free Covid Testing

Super easy way to get sign up and get tested!

Free Covid Testing – Saliva Test

There are many testing sites and test from home opportunities- all testing is now free so — if in doubt – go take a test!

Calendar of Events:

Mon., Jan. 4 – School/Preschool back in session
Tues., Jan 5 – Home/School meeting 6:00 PM
Wed., Jan 6 – Mass – (Gr. 6 plans) – Feast of the Epiphany
Wed., Jan. 13 – Mass ( gr 4a plans)
Wd., Jan. 13 – School Advisory Meeting 6:30 PM
Fri., Jan. 15 – No K-8 Classes but preschool and Club House are open
Mon. Jan 18 – Teacher retreat – No K-8, No Preschool, and No Club House. (Martin Luther King Holiday)
Tues. Jan. 19 – Preschool open house and registration -5:00-7:00 PM
Wed., Jan. 20 – Mass (gr. 5 plans)
Wed., Jan 27 – Mass (gr. 4b plans)
Fri., Jan.29 – NO K-8 classes but preschool and Club House are open
Sun., Jan 31 – Catholic Schools Week begins
Tues., Feb. 2 – Sweepstakes Tickets are due
Wed. Feb. 3 – Sweepstakes Winners Pulled!
Wed. Feb. 3 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 3)

Looking ahead:
Kindergarten preview nights: February 9 and 10
Mon. Feb. 15 – President Day Holiday – School Closed
Fri., Feb. 19 – Fish Fry

SWS 2020 Finish Strong
Year-End Fundraiser

Final call for 2020 Donations

Click Here

All gifts to this fund will help our school maintain our COVID-19 safety protocols.

Saints Return 2020

Contains all Covid related plans.
Go to

COVID Contacts
Health Aide –

Principal –

Office Manager-