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School News – December 9, 2019

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

The concert season is here! We have a great way to showcase our kids.  All are welcome to join us for all and any of these events.

1. Preschool 3/4’s group concert – 10:00 in the church followed by cookies. Thursday, Dec. 12
2. Prekindergarten concert – 10:00 in the church followed by cookies. Friday, Dec. 13
3. All school concert 1:00 PM- grades K-8 and 6:30 PM for PreK- grade 8 on Thursday, Dec. 19
4. Kindergarten Nativity Play – 9:00 AM on Friday, Dec. 20

Join us at 6:00 PM of December 19 to hear our individual lesson music students as they play prelude music before our all school concert. We would love for you to come early to the concert because these students would love to have you hear them!


SWS Cardboard City

Watch the front yard of our school develop into a place for the homeless.  Students in the 7th and 8th grades will be learning about homelessness on Thursday, December 12.

They will building their own sleeping shelter out of cardboard and place it on the front yard of our school. Then they will go inside for a simple meal, one that is similar to that of the homeless shelters.  The students will study, pray, and participate in projects directly related to homelessness throughout the evening before they head outside for the night of sleep in their box.

This event helps our students both learn and experience what homelessness is. It is not just sleeping in a box but really putting their hearts and souls into learning what homelessness means.

Donations are being collected for several organizations that help with those who are homeless. Please make a pledge for this event at the school office or to your favorite SWS 7th/8th grader.

 Sweepstakes Tickets
 K-8 families have $300 worth to sell and preschool families have $50 to sell. The sweepstakes is our 2nd major fundraiser of the school year. All ticket stubs will be due in the office by January 28. Ask relatives and friends during the holiday gatherings to help your family by supporting the school.

The Starry Night in Italy  – March 28.
This is a fun night for adults in our community with dinner, bidding, and lots of fun.

We have a sponsor who would like to see more preschool parents at the event so we are giving away two couple tickets per month.

Plan to attend everyone!  We will be looking for workers for the night of the event so if for some reason you cannot come as a guest- please think about coming as a worker.


The Starry Night in Italy  – March 28.
Click Here

For registration to event
To make a donation for the event
To become an event sponsor


Kindergarten – Fall 2020
We have room for 5 more students in kindergarten for fall 2020.
Please let us know how we can help you get registered.

SWS offers an amazing experience for your children and your entire family. You Belong at SWS!

Preschool – Fall 2020
Registration for preschool is now open
– 3 or 5 day program for for PreK 4/5 year old.
– 2 or 5 day program for 3/4 year old.

The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship is now open for Fall 2020 school year!

For all preschool students going into the 4/5-year-old class  – one year away from entering kindergarten.

You must be Middle income to apply!

Click to the application website!

Aim Higher Tuition Grants are now open.
Once your child qualifies for this grant, they will get the grant every year until they graduate from grade 8 even if you transfer to another Catholic school.

To apply for this grant, you must apply for financial assistance with TADS. (This is a needs based grant but don’t be afraid to apply.)

Wanted (for our Starry Night):
1. Corks from wine bottles
2. Donation of bottled wine – all kinds
3. Donations of things for our live and silent auction

Bigger items are wanted for the live auction: examples are tickets to something special, cabins, dinners, parties, sports, timeshares, access to something big.

Concert Etiquette at SWS
We have a few general rules here at SWS when it comes to our Christmas Concert.
1. The first 3 benches in the center are reserved for the winners of the bid at last years Starry Night.
2. You cannot save benches with coats and personal items.
3. You can come early and save your bench but to keep it saved, you must stay sitting in the bench.
4. Share your bench with other people. The church will be full so please put at least 6 adults in each bench so everyone can get as close to the front as possible.
5. Enjoy the entire show – each class sings 1-3 songs in small groups and then they all sing for the finale so sit back and enjoy all of our students not just when your child is on stage.
6. Pictures and video are are to take during the concert – just be respectful of the people sitting around you as you hold up your cell phones and cameras. (come to the 1:00 show to get better shots)

Picture Retakes will be done on Wednesday, December 18 at 9:00 AM.  This is for any student or staff member who did not get their picture taken this year. It is also for retakes of flawed pictures. Change of clothing or pose would not be considered a retake. Please bring the original picture packet back to receive a retake.


Wed., Dec. 11– 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 6 plans)
Thurs., Dec. 12 – Student Adoration 8:30-10:30
Preschool Concert 10:00AM in church
Cardboard Box City
Fri., Dec. 13 – PreK Concert 10:00AM in church
Wed., Dec. 18 – 8:00 School Mass
Picture Retakes – 9:00 AM
Thurs., Dec. 19 – Christmas Concert PreK-8 – 1:00 and 6:30 PM (prelude at 6:00)
Late Start day 9:00AM
Fri., Dec. 20 – Kindergarten Nativity Play 9:00 AM
Advent prayer service 1:45 in church
Mon., Dec. 23 – Fri., Jan. 3 – Christmas Break
Mon., Jan. 6 – School resumes
Wed., Jan 8 – School Mass 8:00 ( Gr. 8)
Tues., Jan. 14 – Snowman Celebration 600 PM
Catholic Schools Week is Jan. 26 – Feb. 1
Sweepstakes tickets are due on January 28 ( Drawing on the 29th)

Volunteers: Keep your Virtus Accounts Current!
Go onto your account to check for updates. Things are constantly changing and you need to keep up in order to volunteer at SWS. Thanks.

New volunteers :
Go to
Set up an account
Sign up for a mandatory class session
Fill out a background check
Sign a Code of Conduct
Watch any required movies
Answer all questions

Find answers to some of your school questions. Click on the “Parent Handbook” on our school website. Listed under “Current Parents”

Congratulations to our Little Saints Preschool

We have been awarded “The Best of the Best” in the preschool division for the New Prague area.