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School News – August 24, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

Let’s thank and praise God for our beautiful school, our wonderful staff, and our loving, dedicated families. We are truly blessed at St. Wenceslaus to have so many loyal people who have been a part of our community for so many years and that make up our school family. We are excited to welcome the new families who will be joining us this year.

Grades 1-8 have 20 new students from 14 new families.
Kindergarten has 28 students – most moving up from our Little Saints Preschool with 4 new families.

Several of our past families will be moving to full on-line distance learning or home schooling in light of the virus. We thank them for their time with us and hope that they will be able to return to our building again later in the year or in the future.

Class totals as of 8/24
Preschool has 47 students – 4 different sections (Prek and 3/4’s – half day/full days -2/3/5 days)
Kindergarten – 28 students divided into 2 sections of 14 each
Grade 1 – 15 students
Grade 2 – 13 students
Grade 3 – 15 students
Grade 4 – 24 students divided into 2 sections of 12 each
Grade 5 – 12 students
Grade 6 – 20 students
Grade 7 – 19 students
Grade 8 – 17 students

School Pandemic Preparedness and Readiness Plan Archdiocesan Protocols for Safely Reopening Catholic School Buildings.

Please click here to go directly to our safety plan.

This plan is a fluid plan that will be changing as needed.

Masks are required (except for preschoolers)
This is the biggest question of the summer and everyone has an opinion, but here is the process mandated by the State at this time:
1. Masks are required for all students.
2. If a mask cannot be tolerated then a face shield may be worn (documentation of inability to wear a mask must be obtained)
3. If neither a mask or a face shield can be used – this must be documented before an exemption can be made.

A note of exemption from a doctor is allowed for students who cannot wear any face covering for any reason.

Teachers are allowed to wear face shields for instruction but must have masks for individual student or small group contact.

Please be respectful of other families and especially the children. Please know that all health information is private and confidential so if your child comes home stating that someone in the class is not wearing a face-covering that this information is confidential and you will not be entitled to know any of the details.

Teachers have the right to document a student’s inability to wear a mask as the school year proceeds. This information too is confidential and challenges about the decision will not be allowed due to privacy laws.

Back to School Open House
One to one visit in the classroom
You can bring your school supplies – to put in classroom.
Parents and students – Preschool to Grade 8

August 31 and September 1
8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Preschool – 20 minutes
Grades K-5 – 30 minutes – (includes a short reading assessment)
Grades 6- 8 – 20 minutes

Masks are required (except the preschoolers)

Click here to sign up for a visit:

Back to School Paperwork and Forms

PLEASE – Go to the school website and click on the button.
Back to school paperwork and forms
We have lots of paperwork and forms that you need to complete. Many of these can be filled out on line!

Thank you for taking care of this detail. We know it is annoying be we really do need your forms filled out.

Thank you!

Saints Return 2020
Stay up-to-date on all
activities that take place in 2020
– Latest learning plans for the 2020 year
– Resources for parents
– Links to teachers pages
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Club House – Extendend Care program open to all K-8 students

Please click to sign up

To pick up you child at Club House, please ring the door bell on the door that is on the far north end of our school facing the playground. Walk through the playground gate and follow the sidewalk to the Club House door.

Preschool before and aftercare program

Open 7:00-9:00 AM and 3:00-5:30 PM  –  5 days per week
$6 per hour to be billed at the end of each month based on use.

This program is exclusive for preschool students only and located in our preschool program classrooms.

Please fill out this quick sign up.


We have tons and tons of used uniforms to give away! – Free!
Please come to the school and look at uniforms. We have tables of these free for you to take. Some of these are even brand new with original tags on them.

Lots and lot of pants, shorts, and girls skorts! Many nice new-like fleece jackets!

Since we keep the doors locked, call ahead and we will let you in. 952-758-3133

Uniform addition
Girls plain navy blue jumpers are now accepted as part of our uniform code.

Reveiw: Girls can wear navy blue or approved uniform plaid
Jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, shorts

Acknowledgement of Risk
Attached is a form that we would like every family to sign stating that you realize the risk of sending your child to school. Sending your child anywhere outside of your home could be considered a risk and many children have have risk of exposure within their own homes. Click this link or go to “Back to School Forms” to find it.

Early Withdrawal Policy
St. Wenceslaus School carefully budgets for how many students will be in attendance during each school year. The school fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. When a student is withdrawn from school after July 1 to the end of a contract year, a hardship is presented to our school community. With that in mind, the following payment schedule shall be adhered to:

Prior to September 30 – 25% of the total tuition and fundraising commitment is payable to school.

Prior to November 15 – 50% of the total tuition and fundraising commitment is payable to school.

Prior to January 15– 75% of the total tuition and fundraising commitment is payable to school.

After January 15 – 100% of the total tuition and fundraising commitment is payable to school.

****Please note that if school starts out face to face and transitions into distance learning for a short time or a longer period, the school is ready to provide a full distance learning program and the above policy will remain in place for K-8 students.

Preschool families will be expected to continue their financial obligation through short two week quarantine breaks (if required) but if the school (K-8) closes for full time distance learning, Little Saints will continue to offer programming as long as allowed by the MDH for daycare rules within our license. However, should Little Saints Preschool be ordered to close by the MDH, families will be responsible for one full month of tuition after the closing date to assure that our preschool staff is properly and justly paid before the program closes.


The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship continues to be open for Prekindergarten families – fall 2020 school year!    $500 – $3000 grants available.

For all preschool students going into the 4/5-year-old Prekindergarten class  – one year away from entering kindergarten.

Your income  should be average (not low/not high) to apply!

Click to the application website!

2020 School Staff
Fr. Engene Theisen – Pastor
Kim Doyle  – Principal
Sherry Hartman – Office Manager
Joan May  – Technologist

Tammy Sirek
Annie Schmitz
Amber Heinz – new
Sarah Gullickson
Annette Stavos
Betty Jirak
Katielynn Lusignan – new
Linda Smisek
Stephanie Tobias – new

LIsa Schneider – Kindergarten
Courtney Martin – Kindergarten – new
Jennifer Wetschka – Gr. 1
Kathy Giesen – Gr. 2
Carly McDonald – Gr. 3
Ann Christy – Gr. 4
Lori King – Gr. 4
Becky Smisek – Gr. 5/6 (5th gr. homeroom)
Becky Zwirner – Gr. 5-8 (6th gr. homeroom)
Jill McBroom – Gr. 7/8 (7th gr. homeorrom)
Jamie Schoenbauer – Gr. 7/8 (8th gr. Homeroom)
Katherine Gorr – Music
Mike Tschimberle – PE
LInda Smisek – Assistant teacher
Teresa Rademacher – Health Aide
Angela Doherty – Art Teacher/Marketing support – new
Annette Stavos – Librarian
Ashley Dietz – Counselor – new
Anita Sirek – Club House

Food Service
Mary Wick
Hedi Pelowski

Steve Schmitz
Tony Brezina
Anita Sirek (Covid Cleaner)

Calendar of Events:

School Starts
First day of PreK  – Wednesday, September 2 – 9:00 AM
First day of preschool 3/4’s – Thursday, September 3 – 9:00 AM
First day of K-8 students – Thursday, September 3 – 7:30 AM

Mon., Aug. 24 – Teacher Workshop begins
Mon., Aug. 31 – One to One – Open House Preschool to Grade 8 and
Assessment (for gr. K-5) 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tues., Sept. 1 – One to One – Open House Preschool to Grade 8 and
Assessment (for gr. K-5) 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Wed., Sept. 2 – PreK 1st day of school- 9:00 am (with before care open at 7:00 am)
Thurs., Sept. 3 – 3/4 Preschool – 1st day of school  – 9:00 am (with before care open at 7:00 am)
Thurs., Sept. 3 – First day of school – Kindergarten-Grade 8 – 7:30 am (drop off beginning at 7:10 am)
Mon., Sept. 7 – NO SCHOOL – Labor Day
Wed., Sept. 9 – Parent Information Night – Google Meet Meetings for grades K-4
Thurs., Sept. 10 – Parent Information Night – Google Meet Meetings for grades 5-8
Wed. Sept. 23 – School Picture Day
Thurs., Sept. 24 – School Picture Day
Mon., Sept. 28 – Feast of St. Wenceslaus – School Marathon Event Challenges for Students
TADS Account set up
Reminder: Please go onto TADS to set up your tuition payments for the school year.

Every family needs to set up an account. Monthly payments accumulate and your first payment might be quite large if you have not yet set up your monthly plan.

Wanted: Substitute Teachers and/or people with 4-year degrees who are willing to step in to help with our classes if our teachers cannot be in the school. Training will be provided.  All substitutes will need to be approved with a background check/ and other documents through Virtus. You do not need to have a teaching degree but you must have a 4-year college degree to be in a classroom with the students. We are very short of this sort of help. Please let us know if you are willing. This will be a paid position – paid daily.