Saints School News

School News – April 20, 2020

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

We are so thankful for the outpouring of support for our school and for our parish.  Due to the incredible work of the school community in raising funds through the recent Fish Fry Dinner and Starry Night Auction, we have been able to maintain our school cashflow for this month.  The parish contributions and financial participation has also taken a very generous turn upward allowing the parish to contiue to operate as best as possible for the time being and that includes the parish support for the school.  Our parish was also approved for the small business loan offered by the government due to COVID-19. We have been able to reinstitute regular salaries for our staff through the end of our school year. This is wonderful news for all employees of St. Wenceslaus.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Let us pray that the situation in our world, in our country and especially in our state continues to improve. We have so many plans and would like to get back into our school building soon so that we can continue with all of our wonderful school programs.

Quote from SWS students to the principal:
“We will never complain about going to school again.”

You can win $10,000 for SWS!

The CSCOE Bash is coming up on Saturday, May 2.
Host a watch party and snap a picture of your screen with 10 people watching with you. Your name will go into a drawing and one of the 79 Catholic Schools will win – let’s make it SWS!

Click here for the CSCOE Bash website to learn more.

Please join in the bidding and make a donation for this wonderful organization. CSCOE has helped our school greatly over the past 5 years in many huge ways. 

We need 1 family to win the bid for our SWS Banner. The banner will be carried during the Mass of the Holy Spirit next October. (Mass with the Archbishop and 16,000 Catholic school students and teachers)  This is a very special honor for one SWS student. Please place your bid and pick one student for the task.

Tuesday Night Social
7:00pm via Zoom meeting (Link will be sent to all school parents and teachers under spearate cover)

There is no pressure to attend. We simply want to be there for you. Great ideas generated at these meeting will be passed on to the staff.

Golf Tournament
We are pushing the tournament date to July 10. Make plans now to attend. Golfers of all abilities can have fun at our tournament. Goal = $20,000 net profit.

Raffle with a prize of $20,000. Additional prizes of $1000 x 4 and $500 x 2. Goal = $ 35,000 net profit. Each ticket sells for $100. Email info@swsaints to purchase your ticket.

Both of these fundraisers offer 100% for the school budget.

Distance Learning Site for Preschool to Grade 8
This site has all learning assignments and other fun things to do.
Go the the main school website at

There is also information for parents!

Click here to take you directly to the Distance Learning Site.

Parents and Teachers – Add a picture!
We want to see what fun things you are up to during this time away from school. What are you doing during distance learning?
Please send pictures to the following address.


Prayer Opportunities
*Rosary or other meditation at 3:00 PM each day
*School Mass on Wednesdays at 8:00 –
aily and Sunday Mass – 8:00 am each weekday, 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 AM.
*The Rosary 7:30 am each day and 1/2 hour before weekend Mass.
*12:00-4:00 open church personal quiet prayer.
*Confessions will be from 12:00 noon to 2:00 each weekday.

New Family  – Registration for Fall 2020
New families who are interested in learning more about SWS and fall enrollment can contact the school and leave a message. We will return your call/email.

Prekindergarten – 1 spot remaining
Preschool 3/4 – 10 spots remaining
Kindergarten – 5 spots remaining
Grades 1- 8 – Openings in all classrooms

New Family / Transfer Grant
$1000 grant is available for any student who enrolls at SWS in grades 1-8 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Summer Preschool will no longer take place as planned.
This is due to lack of enrollment and the virus scare.

We will be sending out a short survey to check interest in the following possibility:

PreK – Grade 4 – Summer Camps
Commitment for two week increments only.
Camps based on themes.
MIxed ages.
Possiblity to start in June but may be delayed until July.
Maximum of 20 students.
Health standards from CDC followed.
Full days and half days

This could be a fun summer in the Club house room/Gym/Playground/Art room
Watch for more information to come.

The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship continues to be open for Prekindergarten families – fall 2020 school year!    $500 – $3000 grants available.

For all preschool students going into the 4/5-year-old class  – one year away from entering kindergarten.

Your income  should be average (not low/not high) to apply!

Click to the application website!

Current Family – Automatic Re-enrollment
You should have gotten or will get an email to set up your TADS account for the next school year.

Four options:
1 payment due in August – this one waves the TADS fee of $50.00
2 payments due in July & November – this one also waves the TADS fee
10 payments due July through April
11 payments due June through April

Registration fees are  delayed until July 1

The school office is closed.
We are holding office hours at home.

Kim can be reached between 9:00AM – 5:00PM (Mon.-Fri.)

Sherry can be reached between 7:00AM-3:00PM (Mon. – Fri.)