Kimberly Doyle

Kimberly Doyle



Leading St. Wenceslaus Catholic School is my privilege and honor. It is my hope that every child’s heart will be filled with true virtue and the Glory of God that will sustain them and lead them to Heaven. St. Wenceslaus Catholic School is the perfect place for families to choose a wonderful academic education for their children surrounded by staff and other families who are on a similar life journey.

A Message From
Kimberly Doyle, Principal


Welcome to St. Wenceslaus Catholic School!

I am so glad that you are considering our school as a place for your family. Not only will your children receive an excellent education, but your entire family will become a part of a special school community. Our school families become friends and grow together as the children grow. Together, we are focused on building an environment where our children can thrive in all ways; spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.

You are among thousands of people in this country who consider a Catholic school each year and among millions around the world who are committed to a faith-based education. Students in our schools study and practice their faith while learning their academics. St. Wenceslaus has a stellar course of academics and brings students closer to God every day.

We are so excited that our school is a STEM school with highly qualified, college certified STEM teachers. STEM is a lifestyle and mindset here at St. Wenceslaus. Our STEM infusion program offers students the important skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication based on science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Students are given many opportunities to solve problems throughout every area of our curriculum. They are given leadership opportunities throughout their years, and we can track their success as they become very confident learners.

Join me for a tour! Meet our teachers! Talk to other families who have experienced our school! We hope you will see that St. Wenceslaus Catholic School will be a good place for your family too!