St. Wence Parent

“St. Wenceslaus school provides an education that is exemplary and the teachers are positive role models providing children with an education, both academically and spiritually, that is preparing them to be leaders as adults.  We could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to have our children attend such a caring and family oriented school.”
Lisa and Scott Langfield

“We are incredibly fortunate to have a Catholic school of this caliber so close to home. Not only do our children receive a rich faith based education, but they are also exposed to innovative teaching methods using the latest STEM principles.”
Tim and Jan Ruhland

“There are so many reasons to love St. Wenceslaus. It is hard to keep this short, but besides the great education they receive, the close knit community is probably what we love most.
When I walk down the hall with my 2nd grader at St. Wenceslaus School I am amazed when I see everyone from 8th graders to kindergartners saying, “Hi Maria!” And the staff all know her and greet her by name. It truly feels like one big caring family.”
Sheena and Cesar Arias

“We have two children attending SWS. Our children are growing and learning necessary skills and academics to be confident young people. We believe in the power of a private and catholic education.”

Meggie and Peter Pelowski

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“We knew that we wanted our kids to have a Catholic education, but didn’t think it was a financial possibility. St. Wenceslaus made it a possibility for our family, and we are grateful for that.”

Anonymous Family

Snowman celebration is close to my heart, as it is one of the first ways I was introduced to SWS as a new Mom here and I brought my little ones (now school-agers) into this wonderful community. I was still tentative and observing during that time and boy-am I glad that I chose this community. The real draw for me was the connected community and I have not been disappointed by that aspect as the shining star of the SWS experience for our family.

Heather King

“As we reflect on the hopes and desires we have for our boys, we realize that each of them is being carried out at SWS – good friendships with faith-filled, respectful children, adults who truly care about them as individuals, a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a desire to serve others and better the world, and strong preparation academically, socially, and spiritually for whatever is next in their lives. The dedicated, passionate staff at SWS is making all of this happen!  They are walking alongside us, raising our children with us.  What a blessing!”

Becky & Greg Malecha

“We are so blessed to be part of the St. Wenceslaus School family.  SWS provides a safe, nurturing, faith-based environment where our children have been able to experience superior academic rigor, to understand the importance of being contributing members of the community through service and to develop their relationship with God.  It is this solid foundation and strong moral compass by which the rest of their lives will be based and guided.  In today’s world, it provides us, as parents, comfort and peace of mind.”
Pat and Amy Friedges

“Coming from a public school system- and a military lifestyle- this school has been a certain blessing to us as a family. The children are excited, challenged, respected- and most importantly they have a positive influence for mind, body and soul Every Single Day here. We would not be who we are today, without St. Wence and the staff.”
Jennie Schiell

“Faith is an integral part of the school culture, and that is why we choose St. Wenceslaus School. We want our kids to see other adults and students who love Jesus and seek to know Him better each day. The teachers go above expectations to give individualized attention. The school has lots of extra helpers that deeply care about the learners.”

Deacon Mickey and Michelle Redfearn

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