St. Wenceslaus School Campus

located in New Prague, MN

Exceeding Expectations

Nothing is More Important than Your Child’s Education

At St. Wenceslaus we strive to create an environment of academic excellence for your child. We highly value the important skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication that are essential in preparing our children to become the leaders of tomorrow.

“Sending our child to St. Wenceslaus was the best thing we ever did. As a new parent, they did everything they could to make us and our child feel special and welcome. It really is like joining a family. What sold us was the school’s principles of academic excellence, while focusing on the child as whole. I love that they help raise thoughtful, compassionate, young adults. Our child loves it here.”

– Jessica Dohm

Proud to be New Prague’s Only STEM-designated School

St. Wenceslaus by the Numbers

Average Class Size

There’s no denying it. Smaller class sizes means more time and attention is paid to recognize the individual needs of every St. Wenceslaus student.

Average Years Teaching Experience

Our dedicated instructors bring a wealth of intellect and experience into the classroom.


National Honor Society Acceptance Rate

St. Wenceslaus students are accepted into the NHS at almost 3 times the rate of public school attendees.

Grades 5-8th Service Hours

Empowering young adults to go out and change the world means teaching the importance of community and social service. All of our students, regardless of age or grade, are expected to participate and grow through service.

Staff to Student Ratio

Our high staff to student ratio ensures that no student is left behind. We cater to unique needs of the child, whether that means extra attention for children who might be falling behind, or added encouragement for those gifted students who learn at an accelerated pace.

Personal Computing Device Access

Technology is at the core of our educational standards, which is why all students grades Kindergarten-8 are assigned their own computer for the academic year. Students in grades 4-8 take their devices home.  In addition, students have continued access to our Apple STEM computer lab.

Staff Post-Graduate Degrees & Certificates

With 9 post-graduate degrees and 9 post-graduate certifications, our experienced team of educators are forever pursuing their own academic inspirations to benefit your child’s St. Wenceslaus experience.


Dedication to Your Child's Success

At St. Wenceslaus, we focus on the success of the child as a whole. We strive to pursue academic excellence, all while maintaining a healthy balance of physical, spiritual and moral personal development.


Creating an Academic and Social Environment for Your Child to Thrive

Students are the life-blood of St. Wenceslaus and their personal, academic, and social development into caring young adults is our number one priority. We strive to create an environment full of opportunities where they can learn new skills, harness their individual creativity, and build friendships that last a lifetime.
st. wenceslaus cardboard box city


Experience first hand what life is like to be homeless during a Minnesota winter.

Learn by Experience

Learning about the world can’t be solely achieved in the classroom. St. Wenceslaus focuses on creating unique experiences to foster growth of the mind, body, and spirit.

Washington DC

Each year our 8th-grade class has the opportunity to travel to our Nation’s capital on a 3-day whirlwind adventure. 

8th grade trip to Washington DC


Students travel to the Nation's capital to learn about US history and culture.

Lego league at St. Wenceslaus School


Complex missions, advanced programming & engineering, teamwork.

Lego League

Lego League is a competition for elementary and middle school students. Each year the League introduces a scientific, real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on.

Theater, Music & Art

Students of all ages have ample opportunity to participate in both in-school and extra-curricular activities involving the creative sciences of art, music, and theater.

The play Mulan at St. Wenceslaus School in New Prague


Young actors harness their theatrical skills.

Boys basketball at St. Wenceslaus School


Athleticism and teamwork represents the spirit of St. Wenceslaus school.

Boys & Girls Sports

Competitive sports are open to both girls and boys beginning in 5th grade. Students in grades 6-8 may also participate in New Prague Area School Sports.   

Building Lifelong Friendships

Creating relationships that last a lifetime is an essential aspect to our school community.

creating lifelong friendships


Build friendships that last a lifetime.

students study bridge building


Students study concepts with hands on learning.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math are at the core of our academic principles. 

St. Wenceslaus

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Academic Excellence

Students are challenged to learn and grow to the highest level of their individual potential and beyond.

DID YOU KNOW: St. Wenceslaus is the only STEM designated school in the New Prague area. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the foundation of academic excellence at St. Wenceslaus.

DID YOU KNOW: St. Wenceslaus students have nearly triple the public school acceptance rate into the National Honor Society.


Our students are encouraged to follow their passions and develop into the strong leaders of tomorrow.

Morals & Values

Kindness. Caring. Compassion.  We teach the meaning of being a socially and morally responsible individual – at school, in the community, in the world.

DID YOU KNOW: St. Wenceslaus doesn’t merely focus on academics. We help raise considerate and caring young adults that are actively engaged in the people and world around them.

DID YOU KNOW: The average instructor at St. Wenceslaus has 20 years teaching experience. Our instructors have a combined 18 post-graduate degrees and special certifications.

Diverse Staff

Our team of educators are committed to your child’s educational advancement and personal development. Our holistic approach focuses on the entire well-being of the child; intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually.


We intentionally develop opportunitites for students and parents to become a school family. We learn to count on and rely upon our school family for friendship and support.

DID YOU KNOW: St. Wenceslaus celebrates a rich pattern of family tradition with approximately 25% of our parents having attended St. Wenceslaus themselves as children.

DID YOU KNOW: Your family doesn’t need to be Catholic to attend St. Wenceslaus School. We welcome families of all faiths (or no formal faith) backgrounds!

Spirituality & Faith

Development of the heart and soul to foster a healthy spiritual relationship regardless of one’s religious affiliations.


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