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November 6, 2023

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of the Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS:

Recently, I have been reading and hearing a lot about being thankful and having gratitude. Having a thankful attitude helps keep our souls and spirits healthy. There is also research on how gratitude helps keep us physically and mentally healthy.  Even when things do not go as planned, there is something in every situation to be thankful for.   

During this month of November, I encourage all of us to enlarge our hearts and be thankful.  This is what is meant by having an attitude of gratitude. It is a very important skill to teach our children, but they cannot learn when they only see and hear anger, resentment, hate, and negative talk. Be thankful today for all that God has blessed you with. Be thankful for the people who interact with your life, bringing both joy and challenge. Just be thankful and have gratitude for all. Let’s see if this makes a difference as we head to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Kim Doyle, Principal

Psalm 86:11
Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart so that I may honor you.


Benefit Fundraiser for Andy Dalsin (Graduate from SWS who was seriously injured with a spinal injury causing paralysis)

Please come out to support Andy. His needs are significant, and your support will make a huge difference in helping with the expenses of his recovery and adjustments to his new normal.

Saturday, November 11
6:00-11:00 PM
Silent Auction and cash raffle
End Zone Bar and Grill in Elko

Drop off and pick up line etiquette for parents/others in cars

    There are some safety issues to note.  (Please share this if you have grandparents or other persons picking up your child by car)

    1. Pull up straight in line in the driving zone, leaving the parking lot against the school open for kids to get out and reach the sidewalk. – do not pull into the parking area in that location.  At the beginning of the year, we used orange cones to guide you. We are trying to get away with not using the cones, but people need to follow the same rules.

    2. All kids should get out and enter cars on the school side only.

    3. If you have to get out of your car to let the child out or into your car, then you should park in the outer lot, and the child should cross with the teacher’s crossing guard. The drop-off/pick-up car line is for quick-action cars. Some kids are slow – you should park and wait for them and not go through the car line.

    4. Kids must enter and exit cars directly in front of the school – not while your car is down in the driveway or by the parish garage.

    5.  BIGGEST PROBLEM – DO NOT TRY TO BYPASS CARS WAITING IN LINE. Those who do this cause a very dangerous situation for walking children and for potential crashing of cars. Please count to 60 before getting too hyper and wanting to pass up the cars in front of you.

    6. Please inform the grandparents and others who pick up! We have seen kids dangerously cross in front of traffic to get to the waving arm of the grandpa or grandma. Once they start running, we cannot stop them.


    Bus Behavior

    We recently viewed videos of the SWS students riding the bus from our school to the middle school. This is a 5-minute ride to their take-home bus.

    The SWS students are misbehaving, and it is dangerous. Please talk to your child about staying seated, not yelling, not pushing, and having safe behavior. They know what to do!

    We will also be dealing with the kids seen in the few videos viewed, but we cannot view videos every day. We will start to do spot checks for behavior.

    November Peace of MInd Session

    • Parent session: November 28, 2023 | 7:00 pm
      Topic: What Can We Save Them From and What Must They Experience to Build Emotionally Strong Kids
      Register: Click here

    Food Shelf Collections

    Let’s fill the food shelf for Thanksgiving.  We will do an all-school food collection on Wednesday, November 15. Every student is asked to bring a few items in a grocery bag to take to the food shelf.  NO glass, please!

    Cans of fruit and vegetables
    Boxes of dinners and cereals
    Plastic bottles of condiments, syrup, ketchup, etc.
    Paper products such as tissue and toilet paper, paper plates, paper cups, and so on.
    Spices, and kitchen staples such as flour or sugar.
    Boxes of cake and canned frosting or other dessert mixes.
    Personal hygiene products, soaps, shampoos, and the like.
    Cleaning products for the home, such as dish soap and laundry soap.


    You can send your bag of items to school early. Each child will carry their own items up to the altar at the Mass. on the 15th.


    Basketball Referees are needed.

    Male or female – if you know basketball, we need you. Our boys team of grades 4-7 will have 6-8 home games beginning on 12/5. All games start at 4:00 or 4:30 PM.

    We need a ref to play. Open to high school or college students, parents, grandparents, or any relative/neighbor. You do not need to be a professional. Our games are simple and are learning experiences for our players.  

    Those parents with younger students at SWS – please consider!

    Basketball Registration

    Saints basketball is open to all boys in grades 4-8. The season runs from November to February. Practices will start soon with Mr. Colin Smisek coaching.

    We need an assistant coach or two to help. Looking for volunteers.

    Click Here to register for the team

    Due now!

    Club House

    Nov., 13 – Teacher workshop

    We will be open from 7:00-5:30.
    $40 per day/per child or $7 per hour/per child
    (Kindergarten to grade 5)

    Must bring a bag lunch.
    Snacks provided.

    Register for your kids to attend here.


    Sick Kids
    Please make good decisions about sending kids to school when they are not feeling 100% well.  The school prefers kids to stay home when they have anything that spreads to others.

    Covid and the flu are here. These viruses warrant a bit longer out of school. For other illnesses, a day or two at home resting will help the children and the teachers stay healthy.  If your child has a bad cough, is very congested, and has symptoms – STAY HOME until these are better.

    Children should not be in school if they do not know how to cover their cough or blow their nose sanitarily.

    Children must be fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours to come to school.

    Children must not have vomited or must not have had an episode of diarrhea for 24 hours before coming to school.

    If the child is sent home from school 24-hourdue to illness, they need to stay home the following day until they are significantly better and have met the 24 hour rule.

    End of Day routine changes for your child
    If your child has a change at the end of the day, such as going to Club House, getting picked up instead of the bus, and so on – then please contact the office by NOON.  We cannot get this message out to the teachers or children when calls are made at the end of the day during dismissal.

    Preschool Lunch
    Don’t forget to put lunch into your child’s lunch account if they eat the hot school lunch. You will be notified when the account gets low.

    Art Room Projects – Donations wanted

    Old Unwanted Picture Frames
    Felt – ( just added to this list)
    Wood wine corks
    Old Christmas cards-new or used
    Any acrylic or spray paint



    No more empty gallon jugs, pine cones, or old magazines – We have already received an abundance!!!  Thank you!

    Staff Lunch tickets.


    Calendar of Events:

    Wed., Nov. 8 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 2)
    Wed., Nov. 8 – Family group Mass together
    Sat., Nov. 11 – Benefit for Andy Dalsin 6:00-11:00 PM
    Mon., Nov. 13 – Teacher workshop – No School
    Tues., Nov. 14 – 6:30 School Parent Assoc. Meeting
    Wed., Nov. 15 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 5) Food Collection for food shelf.
    9:00- Grades 3/4 Duck Cup Presentation
    Mon., Nov. 20 – Preschool field trip to Cinderella
    Wed., Nov. 22 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 1)
    Thurs., Nov. 23 – Thanksgiving – No School/No Club House
    Fri., Nov. 24 – No School/No Club House
    Wed., Nov. 29 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 8)
    Fri., Dec. 1 – Living Nativity at St. Wenceslaus
    Tues. Dec. 5 – Gr. 3-5 Climb Theatre Presentation
    Wed. Dec. 6 – No Mass
    Kindergarten registration forms due for 2024-2025
    Thurs., Dec. 7 Santa Secret Shop Pre-8
    Fri. Dec 8 – 8:00 Mass – Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Gr. 7 plans)
    Santa Secret Shop Pre-8
    Tues., Dec. 12 – Confession for grades 3-8
    Peace of Mind Parent session
    Wed. Dec. 13 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 6 plans)
    Thurs. Dec. 14 Cardboard Box City gr. 7/8
    Tues. Dec. 19 -School Christmas Concert for K-8
    Wed. Dec. 20 – 8:00 School Mass
    Wed., Dec. 20- PreK – Christmas program 10:00-10:30
    Thurs., Dec. 21 Preschool 3/4 Christmas program 10:00-10:30 am.
    Fri., Dec 21 – Christmas break begins.

    Tues., Jan. 2 – School resumes


    Click here for the
    2023-2024 School Calendar

    Our Mission Statement

    St. Wenceslaus Catholic School is a Christ-centered family community committed to the intellectual and spiritual formation of our students. We provide a high-quality academic program that builds leadership and self-confidence while nurturing a loving relationship with God & encouraging service to others.

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