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Weekly Office News – November 22, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

This is a short week for our school with the Thanksgiving break.  When we return, we will be extremely busy with all of the activities of Advent and the preparations for all of our Christmas shows. At a Catholic school one of the richest times to teach our faith is during the Advent season. The children LOVE learning about the birth of Jesus and the history that leads up to His birth.

We have so many things planned for December and we are looking forward to them. We really need to have a healthy school community so please read below about Covid.

Kim Doyle, Principal

“Be Still and Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

Covid Update

Please continue to closely monitor your family for symptoms of COVID.  STAY HOME WITH SYMPTOMS!

Please test and report Covid when you face this in your family. The school can then allow others to take care.

Our response as Christians is to also protect the more vulnerable people of our community and families, thus we need to be alert about spreading the virus.

The SWS families have been awesome in keeping kids home when ill. Please do not let up.

All family members are required to stay home (14 days) if anyone living in the family home has tested positive!
(There are exceptions to this based on the MDH Decision Tree.)

If you need more information about how to deal with Covid, do your research with the  MDH -Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC- Center for Disease Control.

Schools in some communities are closing – We want to stay open, so please follow the rules and do your part!


 Lack of Substitutes for the classrooms

We do not have enough people to cover all of the classes at school when a teacher needs to be absent. So far we are doing lots of juggling of things to cover it all.

If you have a Bachelors Degree in any area, then you can be a sub. Please let Kim or Sherry know if you are interested and available on short notice.

If a teacher/sub cannot be found for a particular class – then we will close the class and keep the kids at home or send them home after arrival. This may sound extreme, but this is what is happening at other schools similar to ours. If the teacher is not ill but cannot come to school, they can do distance learning from home with all students. If the teacher is ill, there will be no lessons until the teacher is able.  Please pray this doesn’t happen.


Dr. Jules Nolan Parenting Virtual Session- Tonight!

Technology, Social Media, Screen Time, and Parenting

November 22, 7pm

The use of social media and technology is one of the most popular areas of concern for parents of children and adolescents. How much is too much? How do we keep our kids safe online? What about the constant social comparisons? This session will focus on the latest research on the use of social media and technology. It will also help us understand the relationship between brain development and what drives the need to feel connected online as well as those areas of big concern like pornography and algorithms that target adolescent vulnerabilities. Parenting tips will be offered.

Sweepstakes Tickets went home last week!

K-8 families – 30 tickets.
Preschool families (with no K-8 kids) – 10 tickets.
Tickets are $10 each.

This is 2nd of our 3 required fundraisers. The ticket sales/drawing is not until the end of January but we are giving them to you now so that you can offer them to family and friends in the holiday weeks ahead.


Club House and Preschool Extended Care
—- closing for one afterschool time.

We are closing both of these programs on the afternoon pick-up time on Friday, December 17.

K-8 pick up – 2:30
Preschool pick-up – 3:00

This is to allow all of our staff to attend our Staff Christmas Party which takes place after school on this day.

Parents – please make other arrangements


We need these items asap

We are collecting the following items for an Advent Art Project:

1. Old Christmas cards

2. Glitter and Sequins


Parents – Mark your calendar and get a babysitter!

Parent Gathering
Preschool through grade 8 parents and staff are invited to Giesenbräu Bier Co. party room.
Thursday, December 16 at 6:00 PM

Beer and snacks!
Meet someone new!
Come alone or bring a friend who is thinking of joining SWS!
Christmas Sweaters encouraged!
Give aways and prizes!

Fun “Christmas Sweater” Day

All students and staff are invited to wear a fun Christmas sweater or shirt on Friday, December 17.  Red/Green outfits are also acceptable.

Starry Night Class Baskets
Kindergarten (Martin) Lego City
Kindergarten (Schneider) LOL’s
1st Grade (Dalsin) Crafts
1st Grade (Fahey) Slime
2nd Grade Fidgets/Interactive
3rd Grade DIY
4th Grade STEM
5th Grade Outdoor Fun
6th Grade Pool/Beach
7th Grade NP Gift Cards/Trojan Gear
8th Grade Insta Pix

Amazon List Purchasing Instructions


  1. Click on the appropriate List Link
  2. Navigate through the list for the item you wish to purchase. If your grade has multiple lists, either can be purchased from
  3. Add to cart and continue to checkout
  4. Select Ship To ‘Sherry Hartman’s Gift Registry’
  5. In gift options you can choose if you’d like to leave a note
  6. Please do not gift wrap if given the option
  7. Select your payment method and place order
  8. We’ll handle the rest!

    All items appreciated by January 1st!

Wanted: Parents willing to help with our Starry Night

We are building our teams to help with our amazing Starry Night – to be held live this year. This event will be held on March 26. 

We need lots of help. We need some people to dig in and others to help with less involvement. Please consider joining in. We promise that you will find this to be a worthwhile effort.

Call Kim to talk about the opportunities on the team. or 952-758-3133.


Advent Activities – beginning after Thanksgiving

Prayer Services
Nov. 30 – Hope 9:15
Dec. 7 – Love 12:45- followed by blanket making
Dec. 14 – Joy 10:00
Dec. 21 – Peace 8:00

Fleece – What are we doing with it?

During Advent the students will be making 100 blankets for the homeless people in the metro area.

Students will divide into their family groups and tie the blankets with their school buddy.

Thanks to all of the helpers who have cut the fleece preparing it for this project.

Ready for kindergarten or preschool?

Looking for all siblings who are NOT already enrolled at SWS who will be coming next fall.


Schulze Family Foundation Early Learning Scholarship
Application closes when money is used up – apply early

This scholarship is open to any child:

1. Enrolling in the prekindergarten class next fall.
2. Comes from a middle-income class


More details

Aim Higher Foundation/Catholic Service Appeal Scholarship – Application closes on Feb. 22.

This scholarship is open to any child:

1. Family has a financial need and qualifies for TADS Financial Assistance
2. Grades K-8


More details

Back-to-School 2021

Covid Protocols

Calendar of Events:

Wed., Nov. 24 – 8:00 Mass (Kinder-Martin plans)
Thurs., Nov. 25 – Thanksgiving Break
Fri., Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving BreakNO Club House
Advent activities begin
Wed. Dec. 1 – School Mass – (Gr. 1- Dalsin plans)
Thurs., Dec. 2- Santa Secret Shop
Thurs., Dec 2 – Gr. 7/8 Field Trip
Fri., Dec 3 – Santa Secret Shop
Fri -Dec. 3 – Adoration for Bishop Cozzens
Mon., Dec. 6 – St. Nicolas Day treats from Parent’s Assoc.
Wed., Dec. 8 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception School Mass (Gr. 6 plans)
Thurs., Dec. 9 – Late start day – 9:00 am
Thurs., Dec. 9 – Card Board Box City -Gr. 7/8
Wed., Dec. 15 – School Mass ( Gr. 8 plans)
Thurs., Dec. 16 – Gr. 3-8 Reconciliation 9:00-11:00
Thurs., Dec. 16 – Parent Gathering 6:00PM
Fri., Dec. 17 – No Club House/No Afterschool Extended Care
Tues., Dec. 21 – K-8 Concert 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM
Wed., Dec. 22 – School Mass ( Gr. 5 plans)
Wed., Dec. 22 – Preschool concert 10:00 AM
Wed., Dec. 22 – Kindergarten Nativity play 1:00 PM
Thurs., Dec. 23- Fri., Dec. 31 – Christmas Vacation
Mon., Jan. 3 – School resumes


Click here for the
2021-2022 School Calendar

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