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Weekly Office News – April 24, 2023

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of the Principal:


Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

Thanks to the St. Wenceslaus Catholic School staff this week during appreciation week. Our school staff has done an incredible job in fostering the mission of our faith while also meeting the academic standards for the year.  They have worked very hard once again like SWS staff has done for years. 

In my numerous years as an educator, I can honestly say that a career in education has become more and more difficult for many reasons. Not only has the covid pandemic impacted and challenged us like never before, but also our society has changed in so many ways which creates constant stress for teachers and the school. Careers in education are brave and noble, often taken for granted by many, and are prone to less appreciation overall.

As in past years, the staff at our school is above average. Not only do they exceed the regular routines of a school schedule but our SWS staff continues to put their hearts and souls into helping other people’s children day after day after day. They do it with a smile because they love what they do and believe in making an impact on every student who they are entrusted with. 

Please appreciate our school staff not only this week but always. They are helping you raise your sons, daughters, grandchildren, neighbors, and kids of your friends. They model faith, prayer, and a love for God. It is our hope that others catch this spirit of joy in their lives too.

Kim Doyle


School Staff Appreciation Week is this week

This week will be filled with special treats from our School Parent Association to our staff.

This is a great time to teach your children to appreciate their teachers and other school staff members.

Have them write a thank you note to the people who work with them, say some prayers in the evening for our school staff, or tell them to come to school one day and personally thank a staff member with kind words.

NWEA Spring Testing

Final standardized testing takes place this week.

Tests consist of one session in math and reading with an additional session in language for students in grades 3 and above.  Each session takes approximately 45 minutes.

Teachers will inform you of the specific days and times for testing week.

Testing results help our teachers know if they  are on target with our curriculum so it is good when students give us their best effort.

 Financial Assistance

Your applications are still being processed and you will be notified if you qualify for a discount. Please wait to get an email or a letter directly from Kim Doyle telling you of your status.

We had many more people apply this year than usual. Since this program is for families with the greatest financial need, we are looking very carefullly to help those who qualify.

Summer Club House

Time to let us know if your child will attend.

We are asking each family to re-enroll for the summer (This is free if your child is already in the program)

We want to know which days and weeks you will be using our programs so that we can plan our staff accordingly.

A paper registration is required. 

Click to get the PDF paper registration.
(or pick one up at Club House or the schoool offfice)

Club House Calendar of Summer Activities

Click here to see a full summer calendar.

Spring Concert and Living Rosary- K-8 families

Our spring concert will take place on Thursday, May 4.
Here is the schedule, in case you want to tell your family and make plans.

Guest Morning – Invite a guest.

9:00 AM – Living Rosary in the church. (Students can sit with guests to pray) Students should bring a Rosary to school if they have one.

9:30-10:00 AM – Guests go to the gym. Students go to their classrooms.

10:00 AM –  Morning Concert for guests in gym.

6:30 PM – Evening Concert for parents and other family in gym.


Special Guest Day for – PreK families
Friday, May 5
Students get dropped off as usual in the classrooms by 9:00 am.

Guests arrive and go directly to the gym at 10:30 AM.
(The back parking lot doors will be open to you at 10:20 so you can park in the back and enter there.)
Activities for guest and preschoolers 10:30-11:30 AM

Students can remain in school for the remainder of their normal day or go home at 11:30 with their special guests.


Please turn in your sold Pot-o-Gold Ticket stub with the $100 payment asap.

Pot-o-Gold raffle for $20,000 prize.
Each family was given one $100 ticket
Drawing on June 9.
We have 650 to sell in total.

We still have more tickets in the office to sell.
Call or stop in if you can sell an additional ticket.

Volunteer Requirement
Most of our school families are all set!  Thank you so much for volunteeering this year. We cannot manage to do all of the amazing events without a great volunteer crew. Your help and involvement continues to be greatly appreciated.

Those who were unable to help out or have selected to opt out, will see the buy out assessment on your TADS account in the next few weeks. If you find this assessment in error, please contact our school office.

For the Love of Family

This week’s challenge:

Give each family member a super-sour gum ball to take home. At home, ask them to think about something they said recently that they wish they could take back. As they remember those words, have them chew the puckery gum and think about the sour effect of harsh words. Challenge family members to see how many days they can each guard their mouths and ensure that everything they say is true, kind, and necessary.


Regional Science Fair Winners
Congratualtions to Mabel Barten and Charlotte Jirik, 5th graders from SWS. They entered their science fair projects into the MN Regional Competition at MSU in Mankato and each came home with a purple first place ribbon

Set up your TADS account for 2023-2024
You need to set up your payment plan for the following school year (2023-24).   See the email from TADS  instructing you to set this up. Setting up early helps you spread your payments out over more months.

Calendar of Events:

April 24- 28 – School Staff Appreciation Week
NWEA spring testing week.
Wed., April 26 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 3 plans)
Thurs. April 27 – School Advisory Council 6:30 PM
Fri., April 28 PreK classes to the Arboretum

Wed., May 3 – 8:00 Mass (Gr. 5 plans)
Thurs., May 4  May Rosary/Spring Concert K-8 – Bring a special guest K-8
          9:00 AM – Living Rosary in Church-students/guests
          10:00 AM – Spring Concert for Special Guests in Gym
          6:30 PM – Spring Concert for school parents in Gym
Fri., May 5 – Bring a special guest PreK. 10:30-11:30 AM in gym
Sat., and Sun., May 6/7 – First Communion Masses.
Sat., May 6 – CSCOE Bash
Tues., May 9 – School Endowment Bd. Meeting 4:00 PM
Wed., May 10 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 2 Plans)
Thurs., May 11. – Gr. 2 to sing at Praha Village
Thurs./Fri. May 11/12 – Gr. 8 to go on 8th-grade Capstone retreat
Fri. May 12 – Gr. 2,3,4 to Science Museum
Grades 5/6 Picnic day at the park.
Mon., May 15 – Music recital for voice and piano students – 6:00-8:00 PM
Wed., May 17 – 8:00 Mass ( Gr. 6 plans) – Family groups at Mass
Field Day activities and lunch
Thurs., May 18 – Alternate field day in case of rain.
School Advisory Meeting 6:30 PM
Fri., May 19 Preschool Graduation – in Gym 10:00 AM
Last day for preschoolers.
Gr. 4 to Aquatic Center
Gr. 5/6 to Grand Slam
Gr. 7 to Gymnastic Center and picnic in the park
Gr. 8 to Valley Fair
Tues., May 23 – Senior Stroll – 10:00 AM
Wed., May 24 – Last day for 8th grade
8th gr. Graduation 6:30 Pm in Church – all are welcome
Thurs., May 25 – Last day of School K-7
Picnic at Memorial Park 12:00-2:00 – all are welcome.

Club House closed May 25 – 29
Tues., May 30 – Club House open for summer 

Fri., June 9 – Golf Tournament 
Pot-o-Gold Raffle drawing for $20,000.



Click here for the
2023-2024 School Calendar

Click here for the
2022-2023 School Calendar

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St. Wenceslaus Catholic School is a Christ-centered family community committed to the intellectual and spiritual formation of our students. We provide a high-quality academic program that builds leadership and self-confidence while nurturing a loving relationship with God & encouraging service to others.

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