Marathon 2018 Kick-off

We are in Marathon Mode! Check out the screaming contest winners, above, from our Marathon Kick Off!

What: Annual Marathon for Nonpublic Education, in an effort to raise $43,000!

Who: FAMILIES! We encourage the entire family to get involved. It’s a fun day that builds our SWS school spirit!

How does it work? Students, parents, and teachers ask friends, relatives, and business acquaintances to pledge them for a one hour walk/run on September 29!

Our goals: school- $43,000, Grades K-8: $150 per student, Preschool: $50 per student. Marathon Moms will count once a week! Turn in those manilla envelopes, kids! The classroom with the most money turned n each counting day will host one of the three very large studded animals for the day. EXTRA!! All students will earn an extra day off of school on Wednesday, October 17 if we meet our $43,000 goal!!! We are thankful for any extra pledges, large or small. EVERY PENNY HELPS!

Location: SWS Playground. Families should arrive at the PAC Foyer by 8:15 to check-in. We will begin with a prayer @ 8:30, followed by a one-hour walk/run around the school. After the walk, families are encouraged to stay for treats.

SWS Stupendous Student Prize Rally: takes place after all money has been collected. This all-school assembly is hosted in October by the Marathon Moms!

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