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School News – February 15, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

This week we hold our annual parent/stakeholder meeting. This is your time to connect with our School Advisory Council members about the accomplishments and future directives of the school.  All are welcome to attend virtually on your choice of Tuesday or Thursday evening. See the link below to join the Google Meet.

We appreciate the involvement and the interest of all of our stakeholders: parents. alumni, firends, supporters, and grandparents.

Kim Doyle, Principal

Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God!

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Annual SWS Parent/Stakeholder Meetings – This week!

Join your School Advisory Council
There are two virtual options for you to pick from.

The Council will inform and update you about the work that is done supporting goals, finances, and all of the behind the scenes work that keeps the school viable while focusing on our mission.

Tuesday, February 16 at 7:00 PM

Thursday , February 18 at 6:00 PM

Lenten Plans

We will be focusing on “The Way of the Cross” for our Lenten plan:

Lenten Items will be given to students
1. Station Picture Booklet

2. A wooden cross
3. Station booklets – traditional “Way of the Cross”.

Students should bring a Rosay to school (keep in desk). Please contact Kim if your child does NOT have a Rosary and we will get one for them.

Wednesday, February 17 – Ash Wednesday – Mass at 8:00

Week of Feb 22 – Individual classes to do the stations in church
Tuesday, March 2 – Traditional stations with Fr. Eugene at 1:00
Tuesday, March 9– All school rosary – Sorrowful Mysteries 10:00
Thursday, March 18 – Confessions Grades 2-8 – 9:00-11:00
Thursday, January 25 – Living stations 1:00 with Grade 8 Week of March 29 – Holy Week /Spring Break

Baby Bottle Project – Proceeds to go to the Alpha Woman Center

Travel with your family for Spring Break (or other time)

Travel outside the USA – student needs to do a 14 day quarantine and have proof of negative Covid test before coming back to school. CDC Executive Orders are followed.

Travel outside of Minnesota – Discouraged –  However, if this does take place, you need to contact the prinicpal and work out a plan for safe return to school. MN guidelines are followed. Families are asked to make prudent decisions about where they travel and by what mode. Families should assess the risk of exposure while on the the trip. Possible quarantine and negative covid tests may be required. Test five days after returning with a virual PCR test not a rapid antigen test. Students must have zero symptoms to return to school after travel.

If parents travel alone leaving kids at home, this does not affect school attendance decisions unless the parent has been exposed to a positive person, has any symptoms, or has tested positive for the virus. For these situations, the parent must have a negative PCR test – following the MDH Decision Tree.

Mask Check!

Once again this is a good time to remind everyone to do a mask check of their kids.  As the kids grow – some of their masks are getting too small – especially seen in grades 3-7.  Some kids need to move away from a child size and wear an adult size – just shorten the ear ties.  Noses must be covered and the sides must not bow out fitting snuggly to the sides of the face. If their nose pokes out or over the top of the mask when talking, then the mask is not the correct size.

Masks must be two ply fabric with straps that go behind the ears covering the full mouth and nose. This is what we have in our safety plan.

Bandanas and gaiters on airplanes are not accepted but some kids need this accomodation in school. If your child has been allowed the accomodation of a gaiter – please make sure they are made of 2-ply fabric –  and please check their posture.  We see some kids with gaiters walking with their neck out forward like turtles to keep it on/up – shoulders bent inward, backs hunched over, and neck extended forward – this really cannot be healthy for growing kids!

The State of Minnesota has given all students in K-8 another new mask. We have these in the office and we will be distributing them to the students this week, so you know when you see the new mask coming in a backpack.

Remember to wash the mask everyday – and each student needs a back-up mask. Neck lanyards help so much as well to keep track of masks.

Paper masks are given out to any child who needs one at any point during the day. We also have a limited supply of shields. You are welcome to have your child wear a shield in addition to a mask if you would like the added protection but not instead of a mask.

SWS will continue to follow MDH/CDC and Archdiocese guidlines for masking at this point

So ——— When can we dail back a bit ?

As time moves forward and as we find that the covid positive cases are lower in our community and the number of people getting immunizations are higher, then we can slowly makes changes in school.

1. Within the next few weeks we will include some singing to be added back into some of our music classes.  We can do this safely with the children.  We may also include some student led singing at our Wednesday Masses.

2. Coming up towards the end of March or after spring break, we will make a few of our clusters larger, allowing various classes to play with each other on the playground and/or participate at various points throughout the day where they can be more social.

Covid Update as of 2/15/21
Number of positive staff cases = 0
Number of positive student cases = 0
Number of staff quarantined = 0
Number of students quarantined = 1

Aim Higher Foundation Tuition Scholarships for K-8
2021-2022 School Year!
February 20 deadline

This is a needs-based scholarship program. Families apply through TADS by filling out the TADS application and then clicking on the scholarship button for the Aim Higher Foundation.
Click here for more information.

 Summer Preschool and Summer Club House
(For preschool and grades K-5)

Mixed class of 3-5 year old children. Open 7:00-5:00 with academics 9:00-3:00 (same as school year)

Club House – Open for Kindergarten – Grade 5 students

Registration forms are now available on the school website.

A Starry Night

SWS Annual Event
March 20, 2021

ash sponsors
Cabin week or sunny condo
Sporting event or any other fun event
Gift cards (we need lots of them)
tem deadline- March 1

Online cash and item donations at this link.
Free Registration for the event – Yes Free!!!

Click on the link

Starry Night Class Baskets

Buy an item or two for each of your children’s grades. We combine all into some fabulous baskets to bid on.

2021 Class Basket Themes
Pre-K:  Get Ready for Summer!
Kindergarten:  Favorite Toys – Magnatiles/ Legos & LOL
1st grade: Favorite Toys: Nerf & Calico Critters & Hatchimals
2nd grade: BBQ/ Grillers Delight
3rd: Cupcake Fun & Chocolate Bombs
4th: Blossoms, Bees & Birds(gardening & Birds)
5th: Family Night In
6th: Outdoor Adventure (camping)
7th: Trojan Gear
8th: NP Strong (Small gift cards and merchandise from local businesses.  Purchased by parents not donations from the businesses)

Thank you for helping to make “A Starry Night 2021” successful.

Parenting Session with Dr. Jules – Peace of Mind

Parenting with Executive Functioning Skills in Mind: Simple Strategies to Build Skill

Many children procrastinate, lack organization, have emotional outbursts, get “stuck” in their worries, are poor planners, or demonstrate other Executive Functioning difficulties.  If your child frequently struggles in these areas, it might be impacting his/her school or social success.  During this talk, parents will learn about the role of Executive Functioning in child and adolescent development. They will better understand the areas of Executive Functioning and take away simple, concrete parenting strategies to help their children develop lagging skills.  Participants will also gain insight into their own EF skills and how the parent/child interactions can be improved through attention to these areas in ourselves and in others. 

Click Here
Next Session …..

Monday Feb 22 at 6:30pm

Conferences on March 11 for Preschool – Grade 8
8:00-5:00 PM – Each conference is 10 minutes

Sign-up link for a short conference with your child’s teacher. If you are unable to meet on this day, then you will need to connect directly with the teacher to make arrangements.

Parent/Teacher Conference link

Pot-O-Gold Tickets are now being sold.
Here is your chance to win $20,000 in cash!

Tickets are $100 each and only 650 will be sold.  
Drawing will be at our summer golf event on June 11.
1 = $20,000
4 = $1000
2 = $500
Total of $25,000 cash prizes

We appreciate if each family would consider buying 1 ticket!  Send a check in and we will send your stub home.

Can you help sell 3-5 tickets?  We will not send blank tickets home with the children.
Contact to arrage to pick up tickets.

Preschool 2021-2022 Early learning Scholarship from the Schulz Family Foundation
All students going into the prekindergarten and one year away from kindergarten may qualify for this program.
Get a preschool scholarship $500 to $3000!

Click here to get more information and the application link.

Reminder for Fundraising and Volunteering

Required fundraisers for families (3 required):
Marathon, Sweepstakes, Fish Fry

Required volunteer activities (2 shifts or 2 events required):
Fish fry, Starry Night, Golf tournament

All other fundraisers are necessary but not required. We appreciate all participation and hope most join in.

All other volunteer activities are greatly appreciated. This year those opportunities are very limited.

Enrollment for students in Grades 1-8 for next fall.

We will have an automatic re-enrollment again this year.

The registration fee is required and will be automatically charged to your TADS account on March 1st.  Registration fees are $50 per student.

We will assume your child/ren is/are returning to SWS in the fall unless you make arrangements directly with Kim Doyle. Please contact Kim before March 1 to work out any details.

Calendar of Events:

Schedule changes

February 26 –Teacher Planning Day
for K-8
Club House open 7:00-5:30
for grades K-5
Preschool open as usual

March 11 – Virtual Conferences
Preschool – Grade 8

No school for Preschool – Grade 8 classes
Club House open 7:00-5:30 for Grades K-5
No preschool care

March 12
Teacher Planning Day
for K-8
Club House open 7:00-5:30
Preschool open as usual

Mon. Feb. 15 – President Day Holiday – School Closed – All programs
Mon., Feb. 15 – Soup Supper 4:00-7:00 PM

Tues., Feb. 16 Home/School meeting – 6:00PM
Tues., Feb 16. – 7:00 PM – Annual Parent/Stakeholder Meeting Virtually (link to be sent) – Option 1
Wed., Feb. 17 – Ash Wed. Mass ( Gr. 8)
Thurs., Feb. 18 – 6:00 PM – Annual Parent/Stakeholder Meeting Virtually (link to be sent) – Option 2
Wed. Feb. 24 – School Mass (Gr. 2)
Fri., Feb 26 – No K-8 Classes, Preschool and Club House will be open.

Wed., March 3 – Mass (Gr. 1)
Wed., March 10 – Mass ( Gr. Ka)
Thurs., March 11 – Conference Day/No School for Preschool – grade 8
Fri., March 12 – K-8 Planning Day – No School for K-8
Wed., March 17 – Mass ( Kb)
Thurs., March 18 – Confessions Gr. 2-8 9:00-11:00
Sat., March 20 – A Starry Night!
Wed., March 24 – Mass (Gr. 6)
Thurs., March 25 – Living Stations 1:00
Mon, March 29 – Monday, April 5 – Spring Break
Tues., April 6 – School resumes

 Fish Fry – delayed until April 30

Registration for 2021 -2022 Kindergarten
Click for registration form

Registration for Preschool 2021- 2022
Click here for forms

Saints Return 2020

Contains all Covid related plans.
Go to

COVID Contacts
Health Aide –

Principal –

Office Manager-

Amazon Smile Program
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Catholic School (make sure it is our school in Minnesota because there are also schools by the same name in other states)  Our school receives 0.5% back on all purchases. It might not seem like a lot, but it all adds up over time.Go to this link to register.

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