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Weekly Office News – December 20, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS;

In the stillness of the night a baby was born in a humble stable. He became our savior! On behalf of all SWS staff, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Let’s all find peace and stillness of our lives during the next few weeks. Here are some ideas: take a walk on a crispy snowy night, light a candle, go to adoration or to confession, find a new prayer or a new place to pray, attend Mass or a prayer service, turn on soothing music, spend time alone with a warm beverage, just sit and watch your children play.

Peace and glad tidings of joy for the Savior’s birth,

Kim Doyle, Principal

“Be Still and Know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

Christmas Events – This week!

K-8 – Tuesday, December 21
1:00 PM and 6:00 piano prelude with concert starting at 6:30 PM
Bring Band/Piano kids at 5:45 PM directly to church
Drop off all other kids in K-8 at 6:00 PM to classrooms
After 1:00 concert – kids can go home with permission and you can pick up in PAC lobby or they go home as usual.

After 6:30 concert – pick up all students in classrooms

Preschool – Wednesday, December 22
10:00 AM
Drop off preschool kids in classrooms by 9:00 AM as usual but take their coats with you.
After concert – The kids will be dismissed directly from the church to the parents. No extended care.

Kindergarten Nativity Play – Wednesday, December 22
1:00 PM
Treats for kindergarten kids and families will be served in the cafeteria.
Kindergarten kids can leave with parents after treats or stay in school until dismissal. Club House open.

Courtesy Concert Rules

1. To save a seat early, you must be seated in the seat. You may not save seats with jackets and bags ahead of time.

(The first three rows are reserved for the Starry Night bidders – you too can bid for a seat for next year’s concert at a future Starry Night.)

2. Listen to the piano prelude that starts at 6:00 PM. These kids work hard to learn to play. Even though many will be entering at the time the kids are playing, they would appreciate an audience and some applause.

3. No one wants you to hold up a phone or camera so that it blocks their view. Please be respectful of the people behind you.

(Pictures and recordings are hard to get in the church so sit back and enjoy the performance.)

4. Keep all items and small children out of the aisles – we will be using them as part of our concert and need them clear. No strollers or baby baskets in aisle.

We have room for two wheelchairs up front. Call ahead to reserve these spots if needed.

5. Small children need to be seated, not standing on the bench or held up high so that the people behind you cannot see around a child sticking up over the regular crowd. We love the little children but it is annoying to those behind you.

The 1:00 show is less crowded and easier to move around with small children or cameras.

Covid protocols for our concerts

1. Stay home if ill or have symptoms  – Coughing and nose blowing are symptoms and you should not be seated in the midst of the crowd. If you attend with negative test results but have these symptoms, sit alone on the edges so you do not frustrate others.

2. Spread out. Our church has a large space. The students will occupy the back of the church as they await their time to perform.

3. Masking – In accordance with Archbishops Hebda’s request to the parishes and schools, it is recommended that people wear masks at large indoor events such as our concerts. We encourage the audience to mask and stay masked during the concerts this week.  The school children will not be masked to perform unless it is a family choice.

4. Use hand sanitizer – we recommend that you bring your own and sanitize when you enter and exit the concert. Sanitizer is also located at the entry.

Club House

Closed over Christmas Break


What is a class basket?
The Starry Night committee picks a theme for each class. Then we ask for small items to be purchased for the basket. One item for every child in the class is appreciated. It will be bid on from the silent auction tables and online options.

You can buy an item anywhere or use the links below to pick an item – similar items are fine! We take any donation! See the class themes below.

Class Baskets  – Due January 1
The committee is trying to make things easy for each family. Here is an option for families to help with our Starry Night

Preschool3/4 (Conway) Gift Wrapping Wish List
PreK (Fimon) Gardening Wish List
PreK (Gullickson/Heinz) Gardening Wish List
PreK (Sirek)- Yeti Wish List
Kindergarten (Martin) Lego City Kindergarten Lego City Wish List
Kindergarten (Schneider) LOL Kindergarten LOL Wish List
1st Grade (Dalsin) Crafts 1st Grade Crafts Wish List
1st Grade (Fahey) Slime 1st Grade Slime Wish List
2nd Grade Fidgets/Interactive Wish List
3rd Grade DIY 3rd Grade DIY Wish List
4th Grade STEM 4th Grade STEM Wish List

5th Grade Outdoor Fun 5th Grade Outdoor Fun Wish List
6th Grade Pool/Beach 6th Grade Pool Beach Wish List
7th Grade NP Gift Cards/Trojan Gear 
– Shop local!
8th Grade Insta Pix 8th Grade Insta Pix Wish List

Amazon List Purchasing Instructions

  1. Ensure your Amazon Account is linked to St. Wenceslaus in AmazonSmile
    1. To set up AmazonSmile navigate to account & lists in the upper right corner and select Amazon Smile Charity Lists
    2. In the search bar type “St Wenceslaus” and select
    3. Note you MUST be logged in through when making purchases for St Wenceslaus to receive the monetary donations generated from AmazonSmile
  2. Click on the appropriate List Link (below)
    1. A banner will appear at the top of the screen that will prompt you to enter the list through AmazonSmile. Please click on Visit AmazonSmile to view the list and make purchases.
  3. Navigate through the list for the item you wish to purchase
    1. If your grade has multiple lists, either can be purchased from
  4. Add to cart and continue to checkout
  5. Select Ship To ‘Sherry Hartman’s Gift Registry’
  6. In gift options you can choose if you’d like to leave a note
  7. Please do not gift wrap if given the option
  8. Select your payment method and place order

We’ll handle the rest!

Go Fund Me Collection
For our 4th grade teacher, Lori King
and her 4 boys; Liam, Andrew, Ryan, and Daniel

Covid Home Tests
If your child has been exposed, test about 5 days after exposure or at the first sign of symptoms. If negative and symptoms continue then test again a few days later.

100 Fleece Blankets – completed!

Our school made and donated these to an organization out of Mankato helping the homeless in southern Minnesota.
Partners for Housing

A special thanks to the moms and grandmothers who helped cut the fleece and helped make and pack up the blankets.

Sweepstakes Tickets

K-8 families – 30 tickets.
Preschool families (with no K-8 kids) – 10 tickets.
Tickets are $10 each.

Drawing takes place on February 2. Please return ticket stubs as soon as they are sold.


Registration for kindergarten and preschool.

Reserve a spot for fall 2022.
Spread the word to families who might be interested in enrollment. We appreciate our current families helping us make connections.

Tours of our programs are welcome. We will also hold a preschool open house in January and a kindergarten preview evening in February.

Registration forms are available on our main school website: 

Apply NOW!
Schulze Family Foundation Early Learning Scholarship

Application closes when money is used up – apply early

This scholarship is open to any child:

1. Enrolling in the prekindergarten class next fall.
2. Comes from a middle-income class


More details

Aim Higher Foundation/Catholic Service Appeal Scholarship – Application closes on Feb. 22.

This scholarship is open to any child:

1. Family has a financial need and qualifies for TADS Financial Assistance
2. Grades K-8


More details

Help Wanted: Sellers of the Pot-O-Gold tickets

We need 2-3 parents per class who can help sell these tickets.  If you work in a spot with lots of people (or those willing to take a chance on a ticket) or have lots of family gathering over the holidays, please take a book or two to sell. We have 650 tickets to sell by June.

Please help us out!
If each family could sell two/three tickets, then we would have most of them sold.

Calendar of Events:

Mon., Dec. 20 – PJ Day
Tues., Dec. 21 – K-8 Concert 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM (6:00 piano prelude)
Wed., Dec. 22 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 5 plans)
Wed., Dec. 22 – Preschool concert 10:00 AM
Wed., Dec. 22 – Kindergarten Nativity play 1:00
Thurs., Dec. 23- Fri., Dec. 31 – Christmas Vacation
Class Basket Items are due
Mon., Jan. 3 – School resumes
Wed., Jan. 5 – School Mass (Gr. 5 plans)
Wed., Jan. 5- Fri., Jan 7 – Gr. 6/7 to camp
Tues., Jan. 11 – Snowman Celebration
Wed. Jan 12 – School Mass – Gr. 3 plans
Tues., Jan. 18 – Preschool Open House and Registration – 5:30-7:00 PM
Wed., Jan. 19 – School Mass – (Gr. 2 plans)
Fri., Jan. 21 – Gr. 6-8 lock in- 6:30-9:30 PM
Wed., Jan. 26 – School Mass (Gr. 4 plans
Thurs., Jan. 27 – Book Fair begins
Sun., Jan. 30 – Catholic School Week begins
Mon., Jan. 31 – Virtual Parent Meeting with School Advisory Council #1
Tues., Feb. 1 – – Virtual Parent Meeting with School Advisory Council #2
Wed., Jan. 2 – School Mass (Gr. 1 Dalsin plans)
Special Guest Bingo Party – Tentative
Sweepstake Drawing take place


Back-to-School 2021

Covid Protocols

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