K – 4 Report Cards


 At St. Wenceslaus School, our curriculum follows the Minnesota State Standards. In keeping with that structure, our report cards now reflect learning targets that align with the state standards.

Your child’s grade level rubric is linked below. You will notice many learning targets on the report card; each learning target was thoughtfully chosen by our teachers.  This means that each target on the report card is considered to be of very high importance for your child’s development this academic year. 

The rubrics demonstrate proficiency targets for the end of the school year for each learning target in religion, math, reading, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education. The expectation is that all students will reach a 3 (considered to be meeting the target) by the end of the school year. As you look through your child’s report card, please refer to the rubrics to see the progression of growth that is expected during this school year. Our teachers have worked diligently to align their curriculum to the standards and have created these proficiency targets to better help you understand your child’s growth throughout the school year.  The purpose of standards-based grading is to align our grading with mastery of our state and national standards while providing clear communication of what your child is able to do and the next steps for areas of growth. 

When we report student learning in our standards-based system, the following terms are used when communicating progress toward the learning targets:

4 – Exceeds Standard – Student goes above and beyond mastery, demonstrates above ordinary completion. 

3 – Meets Standard – Student has made satisfactory progress and has achieved mastery of the standard.

2 – Approaching Standard – Have not yet reached mastery, but is moving towards satisfactory progress.

1 – Limited Progress – Limited Progression Rate. Needs improvement. 

Should you have questions regarding your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher or Principal, Kim Doyle for further clarification. Thank you for your continued support of Catholic education!