St. Wenceslaus

School attendance and classroom instruction are very important. Absence from school will affect a child’s academic achievement and perhaps her/his self-esteem. Regular or sustained absences from school may affect the grades a student receives.

Parents/guardians are required to report student absence no later than 8:30 a.m. on the morning that he/she is absent. Call the school or e-mail with information. If the school does not receive word by this time, parents/guardians will be contacted by telephone.

A child who is absent or tardy must have a written excuse stating the reason for absence from his/her parents or guardian to present to his/her teacher upon returning to school. This excuse should include the date(s) of absence. If a child is going to be absent from classes for reasons other than illness, a written excuse should be given to his/her teacher and the administrative staff prior to his/her absence. Absence due to travel is discouraged.

If a child becomes ill in school, the health aide, office assistants, principal, or a teacher will call parent(s)/guardian(s) to arrange for the child to be picked up within one hour. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be notified.


As the school calendar is set in the winter of the previous school year, St. Wenceslaus School encourages parents to plan family vacations for non-school days whenever possible. If vacations are taken when school is in session, parents must make contact with their child(ren)’s teachers prior to the start of their vacation to discuss homework and classroom assignment make-up arrangements.

The St. Wenceslaus School faculty members want family vacations to be positive, learning experiences for students – experiences that teach life skills and adventures outside of the classroom and provide family time together. The student and parents must assume the responsibility for making sure missed assignments are completed in a timely manner.

This policy allows for family vacations during the school year, with the following courtesies extended:

  • Parents must inform the faculty at least one week prior to the start of their vacation if their child/children will be absent due to a planned family vacation (preferably earlier if possible or when plans are first confirmed).
  • A homework makeup schedule will be outlined at the discretion of each teacher prior to the start of vacation (i.e., homework can be finished prior to the vacation, after the vacation ends and the student returns to school, or according to an individual, mutually agreed upon schedule).
  • Parents must respect the teacher’s time constraints, realizing that extra time and planning are involved in preparing lessons in advance for a single student.

Although any time away from school may have an adverse effect on the student’s overall performance, good communication will help ensure that a family vacation and a student’s subsequent return to school flow smoothly.