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School News – April 5, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

Turning the page on the calendar from March to April brought about a sense of freshness and hope for the months to come. Just as the Resurrection brings us a path to follow in hope, the days of spring also lead us to a path of warmth and sunshine. The chugging along that took place in the winter months and the stillness of Lent seems to be changing to leaps of joy as we move forward in the Easter season.

May our hearts be filled with the Resurrection celebration and the hope of all that is to come in our families, our school, our community, and in our world.

Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God

Home and School request to SWS Pre-8 the parents!

Here is a link to ask questions or to download pictures/video. (see prior email for details)

Due no later than the end of this week! – April 9

Baby Bottle Project – is now over.

We are missing some of the bottles – please send them to school this week.

School Mass – protocol change

We are able to make a few changes to our Wednesday Mass. Class clusters are able to sit a bit closer to each other at this point allowing a few extra benches in the far back for parents of the class that plans the Mass. 

If your child’s class is doing the planning you are welcome to come take a seat in the far back by the elevator entrance.

Recess – protocol change

Beginning on Monday, April 12….

Children in grades K,1,2,3 will be able to play in the same area of the playground and may cross-grade if they so desire to play a game.  We see that we can add more socialization safely and this will be fun for the kids with the spring weather.

The same is true for grades 4,5,6.

Grade 7 will continue to have recess in their own space.
Grade 8 has extra Math class time (by design) instead of a recess time.

Singing – protocol change
We have been singing now for the past month in grades K-8. Students are allowed to lead the singing at the Mass that they are in charge of planning.

We are also super excited to be practicing for a spring concert.  Mark your calendar for Monday, May 24.
At this point we do not know if it will be in church, in the gym, or outside. We do not know if we will limit admission to parents only. We do not know yet if we will have one or two shows and you will get assigned a time to attend. BUT – we are planing to have a concert and that is great news!

Library use – protocol change
Students will be allowed to go directly to the school library to check out books beginning this week.  Books being returned from home will still be set aside for a time period and room sanitation will take place between groups.

Yearbook Orders – Extended to April 8

$22 per  yearbook.
Order online
Step 1 – Go to:
Step 2 –Enter your school code 083226 then click : Go to your school store login
Step 3 – Click on the link below your school name
Step 4: Register as a ‘new user’ & login
Step 5:Buy a yearbook for $22.00 – Choose child and finish purchase
The yearbooks are shipped to school – even though you might enter your home address in the process.

If you have any questions about ordering your yearbook, contact tech support @ 1-877-302-3140 or your SWS yearbook advisor:

Summer 2021

Summer Preschool  and
Club House
Both programs are Open  7:00-5:30 every day.

Registration forms are on the school website.

Starry Night Results
We raised nearly $100,000  (Gross profit)

$65,000 for the school 2020-2021 budget requirement.
$5000 for teacher and class wishes.
$25,000 for Fund-A-Need items. ( Need $35,000)

(PA system CPU replacement, Water Bottle filling station,
Security camera and doorbell for the preschool entrance)

– Less –  Miscellaneous expenses, software charges and credit card fees.

Thank you , thank you , thank you to each and every person who made this event possible!


Mindful Parenting for Resilience with Dr. Julene Nolan

Free to all Catholic school parents in the Archdiocese.

April 12 at 7:00 PM
April 27 at 7:00 PM


Preschool 2021-2022
Early learning Scholarship from the Schulze Family Foundation

This is NOT a needs based program so all should apply. It is a great benefit for prekindergarten only

Awards usually are between $500 to $3000!

Click here to get more information and the application link.

Covid-19 Vaccine

All school staff who wanted to get the vaccine have been vaccinated. In the cases of Covid in school, most of our staff will no longer have to quarantine, but students will still quarantine for 14 days if exposed.

We encourage everyone who wishes a vaccine, ages 16 and older, to log into the link to sign up.

Looking for lots of volunteers for the Fish Fry

Click here to sign up to help on April 29 and April 30.

Calendar of Events:

Tues., April 6 – School resumes

Wed. April 7 – Mass (Gr. 5- plans) – 8:00AM
Tues., April 13 – Home/School Meeting at 6:00PM
Wed., April 14 – Mass (Gr. 4a plans) – 8:00AM
Fri., April 16 – No K-8 classes, Preschool in session, Club House open 7:00-5:30.
Wed., April 21 – Mass (Gr. 4b plans) – 8:00AM
Wed., April 28 – Mass (Gr. 3 plans) – 8:00AM
Fri. April 30 – Fish Fry

May – Calendar changes to note
Wed., May 5 and Thurs., May 6grade 7/8 play
Wed., May 5 – Mass (gr. 2 plans) – 8:00AM
Fri., May 7 – No K-8 classes, Preschool as usual, Club House Open
Tues., May 11 – Living Rosary

(virtual only for parents and grandparents)
Wed, May 12 – Mass (gr. 1 plans) 8:00AM
Tues., May 18 – Teddy Bear Band Event 6:30PM in school lot for kindergarten and preschool families

Wed., May 19 Mass – 8:00AM
Fri. May 21 – Preschool Graduation 10:00AM
Mon., May 24 – K-8 Spring Concert

Wed., May 26 – 8th gr. Graduation 6:30PM
Thurs., May 27 – Mass – 8:00AM
Thurs., May 27 – Last Day of school picnic at Memorial Park 12:00 – 2:00
Thurs., May 27 – No Club House

Fri., May 28 – No Club House

Pot-O-Gold Tickets
in $20,000 in cash!

Tickets are $100 each and only 650 will be sold.  
Drawing will be at our summer golf event on June 11.
1 = $20,000
4 = $1000
2 = $500
Total of $25,000 cash prizes

We appreciate if each family would consider buying 1 ticket!  Send a check in and we will send your stub home.

Contact to arrange to pick up tickets.

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