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School News – April 26, 2021

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Office Update

From the Office of Principal:

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

This week is staff appreciation week. Our Home and School Association has a few special treats planned for our staff.

Our staff has never worked so hard to keep our kids in school as we have this school year. So much energy has gone into planning every aspect in the building from the time we walk in, moving kids in the hallways, scheduling the bathroom use, to figuring out how our milk is distrubuted, and so much more including cleaning, stanitizing, and cleaning more. Our teachers have done double time providing education for in-person learning and for kids out on quarantine.  Everyone on staff has pitched in to the fullest picking up so many extra duties because we have been short-staffed and without volunteer helpers in the building.

Our entire staff is so thankful for our Home and School Association. This is a group of school moms who meet once each month. All school moms are invited to particpate. It is a fun way to make new adult friends and to also help in the school where you can. 

This year our Home and School moms have focused on making life a bit more pleasant for the staff by providing frequent treats, lunches, and special gifts.  This group has given the staff hope and kept us all going during the toughest of times. The staff could not be more thankful for our Home and School Association!  Although, this week they will show appreciation to the staff, we are so blessed by them and appreciate these ladies greatly. 

Pray Often, Work Hard, Trust God

Mindful Parenting for Resilience with Dr. Julene Nolan

Free to all Catholic school parents in the Archdiocese.
April 27 at 7:00 PM


CSCOE Bash – Please join in and please pass the word!

Join us for the CSCOE Bash on Saturday, May 8
7:00-7:45 PM
The Catholic School Center of Excellence (CSCOE) is the largest supporter of Catholic Education in the country giving 100’s of thousands of dollars to our 79 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We have been so lucky to be one of the recepients of this generosity.

Register for the annual CSCOE Gala for free. Join in! This year, the CSCOE bash is focusing on teachers and school staff. We are anxious to se what they have planned for the Gala!

Click here to see a short video from CSCOE

Change in reporting Covid Test Results to school
We will now be asking for proof of the results when Covid tests are taken, negative or positive.

We will gather results that affect the date of isolation if positive, dates of quarantine if exposure, date of return to school after quarantine, possible exposures causing a full class to quarantine and possible Covid symptoms.

PCR viral test results are required. (Saliva, PCR nasal swab)
Rapid Antigen tests can be used if positive but not if negative.
Drug store kits do not count as a legitimate test.

Results will verify the data of the situation as we determine time away from school in the future.

Fish Fry Ticket Money

Please turn in your payment for the fish fry tickets.  We prefer ticket money to come directly to the office before the event.

$12 each (5 for preschoolers and 10 for K-8 )
Reach out to family and friends for your sales.

We will sell tickets at the door for a greater price to the public. $14  Drive up orders will be accepted.

Fish Fry Volunteers –
We have a few more volunteer spots to fill
April 29 and 30

Click to sign up

Fish Fry Tickets can be used by the students at school lunch time on Friday, April 30. – Send a ticket with them to school that day.

“The Ten Best/Worst Things About Middle School”
performed by the 7th and 8th graders.

May 5 and 6 at 6:30 PM

Ticket Order Form – free tickets but seating is assigned and limited – no walk-ins.

Play protocols:
1. RSVP only for SWS families. (Not open to general public)

2. Guests must wear masks during the entire event.
3. Guests will be spread out in the gym in family groups of up to 6 or less members. (can include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins if entire group is 6 or less)
4. Seats will be assigned in the following priority.

          a.  8th grade actor families
          b.  7th grade actor families
          c.  Families of other SWS students Preschool – Grade 8
5. There will be no intermission and no concessions.
6. Families can attend both nights or rsvp for two groups of less than six as long a tickets have been ordered ahead and the maximun number of guests does not exceed 250 people.
7. Younger siblings who attend MUST sit with family and not with friends/no running around.

All teachers and students in PreK to 8th grade will be attending the play during the school day with their class.

Teddy Bear Band is Coming
May 18 at 6:30 PM
For kids in preschool and kindergarten.
Open to the public.

SWS back parking lot.
Parents bring a chair / Kids bring a Teddy Bear

PreK Scholarship
Schulze Family Foundation

This is NOT a needs based program so all should apply. It is a great benefit for our prekindergarten students

Click for the application link.

Kindergarten openings:

We have made a commitment to have 2 kindergarten classes next fall.  Each student enrolled lowers tuition by $50 for each student in the class up to 28 kids. This offer ends on June 1.

New Family Discount
Pass the word!  All new families will receive a new family discount when enrolling at our school for fall. This is applicable for students going into grades 1-8 Fall 2021!  We have room for a few more students at most grade levels.

One lucky winner will get $20,000! 

We are only selling 650 tickets. If each school family bought one ticket, then we would be 1/2 way there!  If you can help us by selling 1-2 tickets to a co-worker or family member, we would be most appreciative.

Call the office to purchase 952-758-3133.

Calendar of Events:

NWEA testing continues

Wed., April 28 – Mass (Gr. 3 plans) – 8:00AM
Fri. April 30 – Fish Fry 11:00-1:00 and 4:30-7:00

Wed., May 5 and Thurs., May 6grade 7/8 play
Wed., May 5 – Mass (gr. 2 plans) – 8:00AM
Fri., May 7 – No K-8 classes, Preschool as usual, Club House Open
Sat., May 8 – CSCOE Bash – 7:00-7:45
Tues., May 11 – Living Rosary (students/teachers only –
livestreamed for parents and grandparents)
Wed., May 12 – Mass (gr. 1 plans) 8:00AM
Thurs/Fri.,  May 13/14 – Grade 8 retreat
Mon., May 17 – Field Day
Tues., May 18 – Teddy Bear Band Event 6:30PM in school lot for kindergarten and preschool families

Wed., May 19 Mass – 8:00AM
Fri., May 21 – Preschool Graduation 10:00AM
Mon., May 24 – K-8 Spring Concert

Wed., May 26 – 8th gr. Graduation 6:30PM
Thurs., May 27 – Mass – 8:00AM
Thurs., May 27 – Last Day of school picnic at Memorial Park 12:00 – 2:00
Thurs., May 27 – No Club House

Fri., May 28 – No Club House

Fri., June 11 – Golf Tournament

Pot-O-Gold Tickets
in $20,000 in cash!

Tickets are $100 each and only 650 will be sold.  
Drawing will be at our summer golf event on June 11.
1 = $20,000
4 = $1000
2 = $500
Total of $25,000 cash prizes

We appreciate if each family would consider buying 1 ticket!  Send a check in and we will send your stub home.

Contact to arrange to pick up tickets.

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