Saints School News

 April 1, 2019– School News

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic School Weekly Office Update

From the Office of Principal
Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of SWS,

Back to school for our final push into spring! We hope that everyone had a nice break and that our students are now ready to  learn even more during this school year. There is always so much energy around our school campus as we move from week to week and month to month.

During this next month we will be sending some STEM students to the Catholic School Big Bang STEM Fair, we will continue with our Lenten prayers and devotions, we will be preparing for our spring concert, and we will preparing for the next set of NWEA tests. The teachers will be anxious to zero in on all of the curriculum that they want their students to know before we pass them on to the next grade level at the end of May.

This also is the time of year when we can celebrate all of our accomplishments and make exciting plans for the next school year. We are busy planning ahead for our wonderful school and all that it holds for the future.

SWS has one thing that cannot be gotten at any other school in town – that is the amazing infusion of our faith and the opportunity to look to God at any moment during the day. Our teachers and students enjoy this freedom together. It is incredible!




Hello to SWS students from professional basketball player, Joe Scott.  We were very fortunate to hold a 4HG clinic here at school in March. 4HG stands for “For His Glory” which is a huge movement from the Catholic School Center of Excellence with all of our Catholic Schools.  Joe was here with his dad, Kelly Scott and another coach from Shakopee to give our students in grades 4-8 some great skills. Joe was all over the news this weekend as he scored 41 points to lead his team to a victory. Joe plays for the Vienna Timberwolves in Austria. Joe grew up right here in the metro area and attended a Catholic grade school and high school before attending the University of St. Thomas. Catholic Schools all the way and yes, he made it to be a professional athlete!

Special Guest Day Schedule ( Plan ahead)

10:00 -11:30 – Daytime Concert in Church
11:30- 12:30 – Lunch- Students and Guests
($4.00 per guest lunch)
1:00 – 1:30 – Living Rosary

Student dismissal
(special guest can check students out early- with note from parent ahead of time)

6:30 – Evening Concert

Big Bang STEM Fair

We will be sending 5 teams to the Archiocesean STEM Fair. All families are invited to attend even if you do not have a studetn competing. It takes place at Totino Grace High School in Fridley 8:00-2:00. It is amazing to see STEM at work in our Catholic Schools

Registration for Fall 2019

Thanks to all parents who returned the registration forms for fall so that we can plan correctly. We will be making a few changes to adjust to meet the budget.  There will not be any major changes but we will be as careful as we can to make every penny count! Your tuition dollars and fundraising efforts are valuable and we are so thankful for each of you.

The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship is open to students entering the 4/5-year-old preK class next fall making them one year away from entering kindergarten.



Tues., April 2 – Home/School meeting 6:00PM
Wed., April 3 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 4 plans)
Sat., April 6 – 1st Communion Retreat 9:00-12:00
Sat., April 6 – Big Bang STEM Fair at Totino Grace HS- 8:00-2:00
April 8-12 – Teacher Appreciation Week
Wed., April 10 – 8:00 School Mass ( Gr. 5 plans)
Wed., April 10 – Living Stations 1:30 PM
Thurs., April 11 – Gr. 7/8 to Diary of Anne Frank
Mon., April 15 – School Advisory Meeting 6:30 PM
Wed., April 17 – No Mass
Lenten Prayer Service 1:45
Family Groups
Thurs., April 18 – Holy Thursday – No School
Fri., April 19 – Good Friday – No School
Mon., April 22 – Easter Monday -No School
Tues., April 23 – School Resumes
Wed., April 24 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 7 plans)
Wed., May 1 – 8:00 School Mass (Gr. 7 plans)
Thurs., May 2 – Special Guest day – Living Rosary and Spring Concert


Smile Network Collections
We are still collecting funds for the Smile Network. Pennies dimes, nickles and quarters are welcome.

Financial Assistance- anyone can apply
Go to to apply
Due May 1. (Tax returns must be submitted.)
Notification for qualification – May 15.
Open to all families.

Want to win $20,000 in cash?
This year we will be doing this fun raffle called the
There will be 600 tickets sold for $100 each.
The winning raffle ticket will be drawn at the school golf tournament on June 14.
If you want to buy a ticket or if you want to sell a few tickets to friends, contact the school office. Several smaller cash prizes are included in this raffle.

Prizes: $20,000, $2000, 2x$1000, 2x$500