Alumni, Update

Hello, Alumni of St. Wenceslaus Catholic School!

You are among many who have had the opportunity to experience an academic education grounded in our Catholic faith. SWS is now 139 years strong. In 2017, we have 3784 alumni who can each connect to you in some way with memories and experiences from their years as students in our school.

Many things have changed over the years. Buildings and classrooms have transformed. The teaching staff has come and gone. The subject areas have intensified with standards our society demands. Our ways of discipline and school management are different. Even many of our faith practices have gone through a change. One fact remains the same, and that is the desire to include God in everything that we do.

In 1878 our founding school parents knew that a faith-based education was the highest priority. They even set aside the boundaries of their heritage (German and Czech) coming together to construct a place for all of their children to learn not only their academics but about God and to have the opportunity to study, practice and learn how to make a path for a good and gracious life.

Today our faith-based education is even more important than ever. The challenges our children face in society require them to be trained in a virtue and the skills to be confident and positive leaders. Educating the child fully in body, mind, spirit, and soul gives each child a strong base in which to live their adult lives. This is what SWS does and has always done from the very beginning.

We hope you remember your days at SWS fondly. We know that many of our alumni remain connected to the Catholic church and are upstanding citizens and leaders in our community. Please stay connected to our school – your school. Remember your classmates with whom you shared so many experiences.  Remember and celebrate the beginnings of your education that has given you strength and character, building you into the person you are today!

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